Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Where you slept..........

November Photo a Day Challenge - Day 13


Ok - I'm cheating a bit here - the camera is at Mr H's work and we have had LOADS of rain here over night and ALL day - our road is flooded so I could'nt drive out today. Crazy!  Mr H came home early incase he could'nt get back home tonight.  Hoping it eases overnight.  This photo was taken a couple of months ago........

Any who above is my lovely comfy bed with surprise surprise Georgie in the mix.  This wee man sleeps with us.  I wake up with either his lovely fluffy hair or one of his podgy feet in my face.

He will be two in March - that is his deadline - then he will be in his own big boy bed.  Don't tell my mum - she has not  been impressed with the sleeping arrangements!


  1. Lol... Sunny jumps into my bed often and I don't mind her pushing her little feet and bottom into my side as she warms up :) It'll only last a short while before she grows out of it - I'm going to savour the moments!

    Hope the rain eases for you and doesn't put you out!

    Sophie xo

  2. Bit of cheating fine, don't worry! You will have to make his big bed a real treat, something really special, it's got to top sleeping next to mummy every night! :)

    1. I know when he goes into his own bed I will miss him!

  3. What a cute photo!!! :-)
    I hope the rain stops soon! Miserable weather isn't helpful to photography, is it!!!

    1. You are right - the rain was to heavy to go out and photograph the flooding. Crazy!


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