Thursday, 16 April 2015

In the kitchen.........chilli garlic sauce and marrow chutney

"A great way to use up marrows or courgettes when they have grown too big for their boots"



Out of the kitchen this week.....chilli garlic sauce and marrow chutney.

The jalapeno chilli's are from the garden and the garlic from a friends crop - blitzed in the food processor with salt and pepper added.  Bottled and topped with vinegar and ready to use.

And for the chutney - I was pleased to be able to make use of our very first marrow

Marrow chutney

You will need:

1.35kg marrow
2 apples, peeled, cored and chopped
3 shallots, chopped
225g sultanas
1 garlic clove, finely chopped
450g dark brown soft sugar
375ml vinegar
1 ½ Tbsp grated ginger
1 Tbsp Dijon mustard
¼ Tsp crushed chillies (less if desired)
Place the peeled, seeded and cubed marrow into a non-reactive bowl and sprinkle generously with salt. Cover and let sit overnight.
Drain marrow, rinse thoroughly and place into a large pot. Add remaining ingredients and slowly bring to the boil.
Lower the heat and gently simmer for 1 ½ to 2 hours or until thick, stirring occasionally.
Pour into hot sterilised jars and seal immediately.
What's cooking in your kitchen?

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

In the kitchen..........easy lemonade scones

The easiest scone recipe ever!
Lemonade Scones
4 cups of self raising flour
300ml of thickened cream
300ml of lemonade
Combine the ingredients and mix until a dough is formed.
Flour your surface and roll out.  I used a cookie cutter to make into rounds
Bake until golden on 180 degrees.
They pull easily apart and are light and fluffy.  My previous scones are usually rock hard on the outside, so this recipe will be a firm favourite.
Top with  jam and cream and enjoy!

Sunday, 12 April 2015

The giant marrow

Tom and I were out in the garden late this afternoon, harvesting the last of the summer vegetables.  The winter plantings will be put in this week.
We found this giant marrow in our overgrown vegetable garden!
Also harvested were lots of jalapeno chilli's, a few green peppers and one lonely courgette.
The celery is still going strong.
So lovely readers, do you have any great recipes using the humble marrow?  I don't want it to go to waste.
I'm thinking of using the jalapeno chilli's for a hot hot sauce or maybe a chutney.
Any ideas or great recipes for using up our marrow and jalapeno chilli's would be greatly appreciated.  Am off to see what Uncle Google has to say.
Hope your weekend has been a good one xo

Friday, 10 April 2015

The beginner............. crochet chain stitch

I'm doing it!  I've started and am slowly but surely on my way.  I love this craft and have always wanted to be able to crochet.  It's also part of my 30 goals for 2015

So after several failed attempts I went out and bought a cheap (kids) crochet kit that has really good (so far) basic instructions.  I'm learning the basic techniques, my first step being the chain stitch.

It has been raining on and off the last couple of days, so while the boys have been watching a movie, I sit on the couch with them and my kit and plod along.  I will keep going until my chains are more even and a little less wonky, then will move onto the next technique which is the Single Crochet.

My fingers are definitely less all over the place and I am getting the hang of holding the wool firm in my left hand as my right navigates the hook - I'm a long way off wash cloths and granny squares, but I know if I keep at it, I will get there in the end.

Happy Friday xo

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Good morning!


Our clocks went back on Sunday so thankfully it is not so dark in the morning.  The boys wake up early, so it feels a little less brutal if the sun is up too.
I love having a wander around the garden first thing, the chickens are always at the fence waiting to be fed.  The early morning light is always beautiful this time of year when Autumn is lingering. 
And now it is the school holidays, we have lot of plans, lots of things to do.  It won't be "slow" - we intend on making the most of the still warm weather as the next lot of school holidays will be in the midst of Winter, so then we can hibernate a little more.
I plan on putting in my winter veges and making some more progress on my quilt and baking, lots of baking.  All the things I love to do when I'm at home.
So wherever you are, have a wonderful week xo

Friday, 3 April 2015

Hello sunshine!

Despite being Autumn the days have been warm and sunny even if they start off a little chilly.

These three rays of sunshine are my newest Pyrex additions - found on Trademe, they had just been listed and with a Buy Now price of only $38, which for this pattern is a steal!  It was one of the first patterns I ever saw online and I have loved it ever since.  But never the prices that they were selling for, so I'm so happy with these, I never thought I would be able to own this pattern.  Happy.

The start of the Easter long weekend also marks the end of Term 1 and the start of our two week school holidays.  We are so ready for them, and the bonus that I work Term time only means I get to spend them with my kids.

So Happy Happy Easter lovely readers, stay safe, eats lots of chocolate and enjoy the time with your families.


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