Sunday, 12 April 2015

The giant marrow

Tom and I were out in the garden late this afternoon, harvesting the last of the summer vegetables.  The winter plantings will be put in this week.
We found this giant marrow in our overgrown vegetable garden!
Also harvested were lots of jalapeno chilli's, a few green peppers and one lonely courgette.
The celery is still going strong.
So lovely readers, do you have any great recipes using the humble marrow?  I don't want it to go to waste.
I'm thinking of using the jalapeno chilli's for a hot hot sauce or maybe a chutney.
Any ideas or great recipes for using up our marrow and jalapeno chilli's would be greatly appreciated.  Am off to see what Uncle Google has to say.
Hope your weekend has been a good one xo


  1. Marrow and ginger jam. You cannot beat it! xx

  2. Ohhh, that sounds so good. Have just found a delicious sounding chutney recipe that also has ginger in it, so will give that a go. Would love your marrow and ginger jam recipe if you fancy sharing it. xo

  3. Marrow preserved in oil? I remember eating this when I was little, there must be a recipe out there somewhere. x

    1. That one looks good: . Not what I remember from childhood but yummy looking all the same. x

  4. I stuff marrows - slice off a lid 3/4 way up the marrow; then make a mince/pepper/tomato/rice (pre cook rice) combo and mix all together. Take out the pulp of the marrow (like a dug out canoe) and put stuffing in; put "lid" back on and skewer in place and then bake. I love it - rest of family not keen, so do not make it very often. Great garden!

  5. You could sneak some into the blender when you're making smoothies ;-)

  6. I stuffed our giant marrow, I used Beef Rice risotto and followed the recipe on the bag for the filling, then tipped over a can of tomatoes. Have fun cooking everything. I'm making harvest sauce today, my dad gave me lots of tomatoes over the weekend.


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