Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Good morning!


Our clocks went back on Sunday so thankfully it is not so dark in the morning.  The boys wake up early, so it feels a little less brutal if the sun is up too.
I love having a wander around the garden first thing, the chickens are always at the fence waiting to be fed.  The early morning light is always beautiful this time of year when Autumn is lingering. 
And now it is the school holidays, we have lot of plans, lots of things to do.  It won't be "slow" - we intend on making the most of the still warm weather as the next lot of school holidays will be in the midst of Winter, so then we can hibernate a little more.
I plan on putting in my winter veges and making some more progress on my quilt and baking, lots of baking.  All the things I love to do when I'm at home.
So wherever you are, have a wonderful week xo


  1. Gorgeous photos - so nice to have a little time alone to really wake up in the morning. Enjoy!

  2. Enjoy this time friend!! The light in your shots is brilliant!! Can't wait to see the veggies!!! Nicole xo

  3. Your garden looks so peaceful and organised. I might copy your idea of a canopy over outdoor table and chairs, we will soon be using our outdoor furniture again and I hate eating outside without some shade, it makes me feel ill. X

  4. Lovely pics, you live in a beautiful place. Great chook enclosure, nice and safe. I'm letting mine roam free in the paddock in the afternoon, but I'm a bit nervous about it.

  5. There is nothing like a garden wander first thing in the morning is there! Enjoy! xx

  6. I wrote a morning post today too; the sun is just too pretty in Autumn!
    Enjoy the school holidays and I hope you get all of that baking done!
    Sarah x

  7. Autumn light is so beautiful! I am glad we are not quite there yet, after our long dark winter I need a bit of light. Enjoy your slow holiday. xx


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