Monday, 25 March 2013

You are 2!

Happy Birthday are 2 today!
We named you after my Grandad.  On hearing this my nan shook her head and said that it is so "old fashioned".  I thought she would be pleased!  I have always loved the older names and I think it suits you.  Georgie boy.
You are our wanderer, climber and runner.
You love your big sister Bell and follow big brother Tom everywhere.
You still need mum to put you to sleep at night though.
Your dad loves to throw you up in the air which you think is hysterical.
You love peas and will quite happily sit and eat a whole bowl by one.
If there is a pen lying around, you nab it quickly and quietly.  You love to draw, on anything.  You will carry that pen around with you all day.
Although you are quiet you have a fiery temper.  You hate it when things are taken off you.
You don't like wearing shoes or socks.
You are an outdoors boy, you love water and mud and will sit in either for the longest time and play.  You love to be messy.
You are our Georgie and we love the moon and back xo


  1. Happy Birthday, George! I miss you guys...I really can't wait to see you next month <3 x

  2. So lovely! Happy Birthday to George. I really like his name, by the way! x

  3. Happy Birthday little man! I like his name :) It's my dad's name. Every George I have come across are strong men with a heart of gold!

    Sophie xo

  4. aww, congratulations and happy birthday wee fella x

  5. Happy Birthday George!! You know I'm a huge fan of this name :-) Hope you have an awesome day. Mel x

  6. Happy birthday to your sweet little man!!! Those pictures melt my heart!!! I hope that you have a wonderful celebration!!!

  7. Oh those baby photos are gorgeous, and what a cute wee boy he's grown into, Happy Birthday George!

  8. 2 - such a great age! Happy birthday to your cute little George. He has a superb name - we had a new little cousin arrive just a week ago who has been named George. Old fashioned? No way. A classic I say. I hope there'll be cake :)

  9. Happy birthday cutie pie! I hope you had a wonderful day! Gorgeous photo's Elaina, so precious... I can't believe he's two already! catch up soon xx

  10. We've been looking back at baby photos this week too. They grow so fast! Happy birthday to your little man! x

  11. Such a gorgeous baby...and now a gorgeous two year old!
    Happy birthday!

    And I love the name George!

  12. Happy second birthday George! What a precious little bundle you looked and how full of energy and personality you sound now. Hope your birthday wishes come true. :)

  13. Beautiful post & such cute pictures! Happy {belated} birthday George! xx

  14. Too cute! Love the second photo of George with his siblings. Happy birthday, George.


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