Friday, 15 March 2013

Things I'm Loving

Loving Holly Roach's art prints.  This one of a Fantail (native New Zealand bird) hovering over a Hydrangea bush is my favourite.

Swimming lessons for Tom.  He is in his third term of lessons and loves it.  But only since I have swapped him back to his original teacher.  It makes such a difference when they are with someone they know well and love.

Hanging out with George while Tom swims.  Last term I spent most of the time running around after him and not being able to watch Tom properly.  George would spend the entire lesson trying to throw equipment, peoples shoes or himself into the pool.  I now keep him strapped into the stroller with a full lunch box of snacks to keep him happy.  Now we ALL enjoy going.

Making the most of this glorious evening.........dinner outside tonight.

After dinner walks in the vineyard.  It's a good wind down for the boys especially.  George is not easy to get to sleep in the evening.  So I'm working out (slowly) that like most boys, they need loads of physical activity during the day.  We have done park, playcentre and beach trips this week.  And making the most of the still warm and now blue sky days.  I'm not sure if it's working for George but it's certainly making me tired!

Bell gets to work on her dance routines..............

And practice the ever popular "Gangnam Style" - is it still a favourite in your house?

And we are preparing for a new furry arrival.  I will introduce you to him next week.

And I love it when my week includes a bit of something Retro.  My friend Leigh came round this week for morning tea and bought with her this wee gem for me.  Mr H shook is head, but I love it.  Could you imagine having a full set of these.........against a no doubt orange and brown flowery kitchen!  That is some serious colour clash.........groovy!!!

Happy weekending!

"I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful matter how simple it is."

Joining in here


  1. Loving your loves girl! I literally was cracking up when you were describing how George was throwing everything at lessons! HA! The stroller is a fantastic idea...gonna try that this summer when our lessons begin!!! Can I move to where you live! Seriously! Does it get any prettier!?!

  2. It it all looks so calm, peaceful......sigh! :) x

  3. It always look so quiet and pleasant and..... well, just lovely where you live! Lovely, happy photos - as always!

  4. Love the look of those lovely walks - and yes gangnam style is a favourite here still - although it had unexpected consequences on Monday when my oldest was showing off his gangnam moves at school and didn't see the flying fox coming for him and got it clean between the eyes - and now has a stitch to show for it! I love that saucepan - you find the coolest stuff!

  5. such wonderful things going on at yours! i love the idea of dinner outside on a picnic rug, and those walks look magical! What a dear friend you have that thrifts you such gorgeous crockery! xx

  6. I love that art so much and also own the casserole of your new pot!

  7. I love that print too, hydrangeas are just gorgeous but don't love the heat up here and need alot of mollycoddling to survive. Such gorgeous scenery to take your boys out on their evening" wear the little buggers out" ride. Mine needed alot of wearing out and the walking bike was a godsend, we would be out at 6 am and 4pm every day for years. mel x

  8. That print is lovely.
    George sounds so much like my Mila. I would not even contemplate taking her to watch swimming lessons yet. Much too stressful!
    Your vineyards look like the perfect place, and in the perfect weather to unwind and get some fresh air.
    happy weekend to you xo

  9. This post reminds me of the evening walks in summer that we used to have as a family when I was about your daughter's age..we all used to protest but loved them really! I really like the picture too.

  10. The print is sooo nice! Love that you get to enjoy a vineyard on such lovely evenings! Makes me miss NZ!

  11. Lovely pictures :-)
    Hope your weekend is going nicely!

  12. I love that print - it is gorgeous!

    We have a little one taking her first swimming lesson tomorrow...very exciting stuff.

    Have a good one,

    Nina x

  13. Oh wow, what a beautiful area you live in! Those after dinner vineyard walks are the sort of thing we'd do on holiday. How lovely to be able to eat outside as well. Such a simple pleasure.

    Gillian x

  14. Can't wait to meet the new furry arrival.
    Your evening walks look like the perfect daily end to the day.

  15. Your surroundings look perfect for evening walks.

    Snacks while strapped in the pram are the only guaranteed way to keep our little one quiet on the odd occasions she goes along to her siblings' swimming or gymnastics lessons or just getting some groceries. I've found the "snack trap" to be really useful for this - pour in sultanas/Cheerios/puffed corn and she can snack without it spilling all over the floor.


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