Monday, 18 March 2013

Around here...........

Fresh flowers around the home.  The white ones are from my Sister n law Em and the pink ones picked on one of our walks.  I have no idea what they are hence the "white" and "pink" names.

Smoked chillies from a friend.  He grows them and smokes them himself.  Not sure what Mr H has instore for these, but they smell so good I just want to eat them from the bag.

The North Island of New Zealand is currently experiencing a drought.  Some areas have not had rain since Christmas.  After the few days of grey last week I put the winter woollen blankets on the bed.  This week they are off again and I even have the fans out too.  Our area is predicted to not get any decent rainfall until May!  Last year we had such a wet Summer and Winter.  So this has come as a bit of a shock.

My  poor vegetable garden.  The idea was to not plant this up until Autumn/Winter as the Summer heat just burns everything.  It is so dry at the moment.  And even though we are on tank water there are huge water restrictions in place everywhere so I don't even want to use our garden hoses which are hooked up to the vineyard bores.  Today it is 30 degrees.  And I think we had a light shower during the night........which probably amounted to a tablespoon of water!

I have started on my china cabinet.  Mr H showed me how to use the electric sander, but I hate it.  Not kind on the senses.  The boys hate the noise too.  So I'm going to continue the sanding by hand.  I have a beeswax polish to finish it off with.

Spaghetti, cheese, bacon and onion baskets.  A weekend snack for the kids.

Our new furry friends.  Violet on the left and Dash on the right.  I was only mean't to get one.  But they are brother and sister and I did not want to separate them.  We have hardly seen them since they arrived on Saturday.  They spend their days hiding in the corn fields next door.  We are going to tempt them inside for a few days so they can get used to us (and the noise).

Have a great week!  What's happening in your part of the world?



  1. Oh I hope you guys get more water! We are finally pulling out of a serious drought. I love your new furry friends! I'm sure your kiddos like having new pets in the house! I hear you on the electric hubs couldn't believe I sanded our whole bookshelf by hand but for some reason I like that method the best....cant wait to see how it turns out!!! Do you have the recipe for those snack baskets??? They look amazing!!!

  2. Yes - recipe please! Do I see spaghetti in there? Always a winner with the kids :) We finally got some rain today, not enough though!

  3. Lovely flowers...and lovely jugs!

    I am glad that you kept the cats together...I cannot be trusted around animals with sad stories...I too bring them home with me.

    I hope you get some rain soon!

  4. Your weather conditions sound exactly the same as here - so hard to achieve anything in the garden. And welcome little kitty cats. So nice you kept them together. I would probably do that too :-) Mel x

  5. hi, just found your blog via dusty country road and really like it.. its so awesome to find like minded people..into vintage, gardening and organic living - come check out my blog - i also have an organic soap shop at

    hope you get rain soon.. im in the states so we are just coming to spring and starting to plan our gardens now..


  6. Hope you get some rain soon. It was hot here today, which wasn't very nice as it's been jumpers and jeans for the last week or so!
    Your new kitties are so cute - they should settle in soon :-) Hope you have a lovely week!
    Sarah x

  7. I started to grow veg last year and really enjoyed it, something very satisfying about cooking something so fresh, lovely cats, glad they've found a good home! :) x

  8. I am hopeless at gardening but every spring I have such high hopes and I never learn. Your drought sounds bad, I hope you get some rain soon. The kittens are adorable, I am sure they will get used to you and your family in no time.

    Gillian x

  9. Love the weekend snack. Your yard looks green compared to the dirt in y backyard in Akld! We all need rain so badly!

  10. First because I'm a bit of a gardening nerd...I am compelled to say that the first flower is a japanese anemone or windflower whichever you like and the second is a pelargonium :) there got it off my chest ;)

    Hope you got a bit of rain in the last couple of days...the grass looked like it grew within the hour here.


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