Friday, 8 March 2013

Things I'm loving

Retro Pyrex - I love the older pyrex and found these in town at an op shop this week.  They are in perfect condition.  Not sure what I will use them for but that never seems to come into it when op shopping does it?  Wink wink!

And look what I found!!!  After Mr H said I "needed" a china cabinet I was like any women who gets the go ahead to buy something.  Possessed!  Had a look in town and then was walking past the Salvation Army op shop and look what was in the window........and the price........$20!  Can you believe it?!  It even has a dinky drinks cabinet but I will probably stash some of my teapots in here.  She needs some TLC though.  I have bought a class shelf to fit in the glass cabinet and this weekend will sand her and finish with a rub down of either beeswax polish or orange oil.  I can't wait to show you the finished result.


Getting hooked - I have always wanted to learn how to crochet.  I bought a couple of books the hooks and yarn.  I've also book marked a couple of You tube "How to" videos.  So this weekend I plan on trying to teach myself how to crochet.  My first project will be these great cloths.  To think one day I may possibly be able to make a blanket!  Do you crochet?  Have you learnt from watching the You Tube clips for self teaching?
Washi Tape.....Do you use it and love it?!  I love Washi Tape.  And next week I off into town for a 2 hour craft session with other fellow Washi Tape lovers.

Bike rides........we have not been into the vineyard for bike rides and walks for a while now.  There is alot of activity going on in there at the moment.  Lots of tractors and quad bikes around.  So the boys have been happy to bike up and down our road.

Food for the soul..........Our mornings are getting cooler.  The colder months are starting to slowly creep in and  I've been cooking more "hearty" evening meals.  The children demolished this savoury mince.  I cooked it in vege stock and grated lots of carrot and courgette into it.  I always put a couple of table spoons of Brown Sauce (HP) into mine, along with sea salt and cracked pepper and served with a side of green veges.  They loved it.  If there is any left over it is nice reheated and served on toast for breakfast.
Happy weekending!

"I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful matter how simple it is."

Joining in here


  1. Where do I start! So many fantastic things going on in your neck of the woods!!! Yes I love Washi tape!!! I buy a big roll of brown craft paper from the hardware store to wrap my gifts and then instead of ribbon I use the tape!! Love it...let me know how your class goes! Crocheting is mother-in-law does it and long ago she taught me but I have to pick it back up again. I was by no means good at it but I enjoyed have inspired me to jump back at it! The pyrex is awesome...they look perfect for an individual pot pie or a hardy soup or stew! And score on the cabinet...I can't wait to see how she turns out! My favorite shot is the last one of your boys! Wow! What wonderful perspective you captured there!!! Loving your loves! Have a great weekend!!!!

  2. Oh that retro Pyrex... be still my heart x

  3. Gorgeous list and lovely photos, I want to learn to crochet too, it is on my 2013 to do list, Love your cabinet and the pyrex too.

  4. I can't wait to see how your china cabinet turns out - what a score! I keep telling myself I should learn to crochet - I used to knit and love the idea of crochet but it's the whole 'where would I find the time?' thing that has stopped me putting it into action. Love it when kids chow down food - such a good feeling xx

  5. I love those pyrex ramekins, great for mixing up little sauces or melting butter in the microwave. I learnt to crochet at classes but heaps apparently learn via you tube- good luck getting hooked! The cabinet is very cool, don't you just love finding something that hubby has pre approved, much less eye rolling when we stagger home with it. mel x ps no time yet to chop fabric but it will be coming.

  6. So many good things in this post Elaina! Have fun with the crochet and the Washi group! I'm looking forward to seeing your little cabinet when it's done :-D

    Sarah xx

  7. I get a wee bit homesick looking at these images of the rolling NZ hillside. Where are you guys located? My parents just made the move from Auckland to Wellington for Dad's job, apart from my grand parents everyone else is much closer to the Wellington area which makes it awesome when I visit - only one stop! I am a bit of a you tube how-to addict, I learnt how to reupholster a chair I got at a garage sale via you tube and, unfortunately I STINK at doing anything remotely fancy with my hair so you tube has come in handy on numerous occasions! Happy weekend xo

  8. I found my first set of Pyrex ramekins the other week as well! I figured they would be useful for soup or certain deserts. I love the cocktail cabinet as well....lovely find! I'm a bit like a woman possessed when my hubby gives me the go ahead on certain things too! Xx

  9. I love those retro pyrex such a cool find, you never know when things like that will come in handy so always good to buy just in case I think:) A washi tape class sounds like so much fun, I have a bit of a collection of tape here. Have fun with your crochet, the Crochet Workshop book is lovely isn't it. Wishing you a wonderful Sunday. x

  10. I love your "Things I'm Loving" posts - always full of great stuff. That drinks cabinet is amazing, what a find for only 20 dollars! It will look fabulous when you've perked it up.

    I learnt to crochet on a day course at my local yarn shop. It took me a while to get the hang of it but I love it now, more than knitting I think.

    Gillian x

  11. man I love this post!...all my fave things. what a fab sideboard, cant wait to see the final result...and $20 bargain! im on a bit of a learn to crochet mission as well, im you tubing it, there are some fantastic tuts aren't there. now I just need a spare hour or so to get stuck in. Im also a little washi obsessed, which is normal right? the shots of your kiddies out n about (and your header shot is fab!!)....yum dinner looks gooood.....and I love me some HP!.....see I told you I loved this post!!.
    hope you have a great week and lotsa fun sanding and polishing.
    Allison x

  12. what a lovely post and an awesome sideboard. i love the pic of your kiddos riding down the road. visiting from 'op shop show off' linky.

  13. love the photos of the lads on their bikes, they look like they could go for miles, what a beautiful spot.
    i always associate jelly with pyrex (child of the 70's), so thats my suggestion there, i'm sure your kids would approve!
    we've been opping drinks cabinet paraphernalia for years, but have yet to find a good, cheap cabinet-looking forward to seeing how yours polishes up.
    and finally, yay for crochet! am seriously thinking of making the switch from knitting which i'm struggling with, to crochet which everyone says is knitted cloths, good luck and enjoy x

  14. I like the look of washi tape but I've held off buying any because I don't know what I'd actually do with it. I'd be interested to know what you get up to in your workshop.

    I've only recently got into crochet. I learned it from YouTube and some blog tutorials. I tried granny squares, then flowers and am now working on ripples.

    My kids like savoury mince, too. It's been a while, must be time to make it again soon.


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