Friday, 5 July 2013


Hooray it's Friday!
Started the day like every sane person should, with a cup of strong tea.  I managed a quick read of my favourite magazine - Good - it has been waiting patiently on the table for the last couple of days.
This issue is another great one.  Take a look here.  You won't be disappointed.
I made up a jar of  Creamy Coconut Chia Seed Breakfast Pudding last night and left it in the fridge overnight.
We had it this morning for breakfast topped with sliced bananas and cinnamon.
It is unbelievably good!
I had too google Chia Seeds when I first came across it in my new Petite Kitchen cook book.  Had no idea what they were and how good they are for you.
Chia is gluten free.
It is super high in dietary fibre, making it great for digestion and healing digestion issues.
It contains 20% Omega 3 ALA, making it a super food for the brain and heart. Chia has eight times more Omega 3 than salmon.
It boasts 20% protein.
The protein is a complete protein with all 8 essential amino acids.
It is high in antioxidants (It has a four times higher ORAC value than blueberries).
Chia contains five times more calcium than milk.
Chia contains seven times more vitamin C than oranges.
It contains three times more iron than spinach.
It contains twice the potassium content of banana.
It is food for healthy skin, hair and nails.
It has a positive impact balancing blood glucose levels (making it awesome for diabetics).
Chia makes a great egg replacement. Just combine with water to form a gel, and add it to recipes that call for egg.
(Info from here)
Creamy coconut chia seed breakfast pudding
1 can of coconut milk or cream
1/2 cup desiccated or shredded coconut
4 tbsp chia seeds
2 tbsp honey
1 tsp cinnamon (optional)
1 tsp vanilla extract (optional)

In a glass bowl or large jar, add all of the ingredients. Mix well, place in the fridge then leave to soak overnight or for at least 2 hours. Serve with fruit and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Serves 3-4

*gluten free
*grain free
*wheat free
*dairy free
*refined sugar free


We woke up to this misty morning...........
Which later turned into this. Beautiful!

We made the most of it and headed outside.

I then dealt with this!

And this...........

And finally this!
The house is tidy and now ready for the weekend.
Tonight is the opening night for Bell's Drama production.  The lion, the witch and the wardrobe.  Classic.  Can't wait to see it.
This weekend we have the final game of rugby for term.  One more drama show and a celebration lunch on Sunday.
Will all make for a nice weekend.  Are you up to anything?
Last week of term next week too.  Can't wait for the school holidays!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Must be the weather for chia. I made a similar recipe in my post today. The addition of coconut in your version sounds delicious. x

  2. Elaina, can I ask where you get chia from? It sounds like the perfect food for my daughter who is allergic to dairy, eggs, nuts and fish. I can't believe I have not found out about this superfood earlier!

    1. Oh my goodness Leanne, you need to get onto the Petite Kitchen website. All this amazing food came about due to the writers daughter having extremely severe eczema. And so she set about creating a gluten free, grain free, wheat free, dairy free qne refined sugar free diet.

  3. And now I see in your photo exactly where I can get it from :).

    1. I bought it from a local health food store but I'm going to have a look online to check prices along with almond flour which is used in alot of the Petite Kitchen recipes. I had NO idea how expensive it is.

  4. I'm liking the sound of chia, must do some investigating of this as I've not heard of it before. Sounds like you've had a busy but productive day. x

  5. I love the windmills in this Good issue. Must try chia. Two of mine starts hols today (3 weeks) but our other two schools have one more week - I have 2700 books still out n my school library! Yikes.

  6. I had no idea Chia was so amazingly dense with goodness. Need to see if it works with my children and their food issues. What does it taste like? mel x

    1. They don't actually taste of anything I could put my finger on. But that is the good thing as you can add (or hide) them to anything and your children would'nt even be able to detect the taste or lack of. Amazing to think that something so tiny and subtle in taste can be such a super food. xo

  7. Hi lovely Elaina, my goodness you live in a most exquisite part of the world. We are totally onto Chia seeds in this house. I put them on EVERYTHING. Eggs, porridge, sprinkled over salads, into bread doughs, and in smoothies! I go through Chia and LSA in equally alarming quantities. Do you have a thermomix or food processor? You can make your own almond meal for a fraction of the cost. You can make your own almond milk too, which is delicious on porridge :)

    1. I will definately have a go at making my own almond meal. The recipe states to use a food processor, I use a hand one. I'm eyeing up a Kitchen Aid Food Processor at the moment. I will definately start putting Chia on everything. xo

  8. It's looking particulary beautiful in your neck of the woods Elaina. I clean bedrooms on Thursday so I can enjoy them for at least one day before the weekend carnage. Enjoy the concert.

  9. Sounds like a lovely weekend! How wonderful to have Bell's play to see and what a glorious day in those photos!!! I will have to give that recipe a looks so yummy!!!

  10. Wow, I love the landscape in your photos. Thank you for sharing such thoughtful little snippets with us. Sometimes it's easy to overlook how much beauty surrounds us on a daily basis. You've inspired me to head back outside with my camera for a long, long walk.
    Bella xx

  11. OMG yum I'm making that!! Beautiful pix as usual mate! x

  12. Your pudding sounds delicious! I hunted down a copy of that wonderful magazine after you last shared it with us and really enjoyed flicking through it. We're a bit behind here with the issues though so it will probably take me a few weeks to get my hands on this latest one x

  13. I've never tried chia seeds before but the health benefits sound pretty amazing. What a nice way to start the day - cup of tea and a magazine, lovely. x

  14. I love Chia puddings....I make a raspberry, cocoa & chia breakfast mousse...divine!
    How Rilla would love to have a go chasing those sheep! :-)
    I hope Bell's play went well!

    Sarah x

    PS thank-you for your comment on my post about Sunday Rose. It was lovely the amount of comfort and support the blogosphere offered me x

  15. Your photo's are divine and I adore a cup of tea and a great magazine to swoon over. I will have to get brave and try chia seed puddings - hmmm texture issue? You are just so beautiful. xx

    1. Do try it. The seeds soak up the coconut milk. So the overall texture of the pudding is like a creamy porridge xo


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