Thursday, 4 July 2013

Three/ favourites so far


17/52 - Magical afternoon Autumn light......... A new winter hat arrived from family in the UK, a quirky owl. Not quite cold enough yet, but wearing it all the same.

18/52 - This girl can shop! Has had a ball spending her Birthday money over the school break. "My favourite purchase"........she says.

1/52 - One very happy girl, first fish of the summer. Patience........


11/52 - Oh those lashes!
8/52 - Watching the view on our Vintage train trip.
5/52 - He asked to water the garden.......ulterior motives.

15/52 - Have carrot and wheels..........will travel.
3/52 - Always to be found in the chicken coop.....covered in dirt.

2/52 - We are loving these bright sunny and blue sky days.................
Joining in with Jodi - the task was to pick 3 favourites from the Portrait project so far.  Here are mine.  I have loved looking back on these.  Seeing what my three are upto as the seasons change.


  1. LOVING that pic of your boy on his trike with a carrot for a snack. He's way too cool for school :-)

  2. Wow, you've taken some absolute beauties! I LOVE the fish shot, and the reflection one, and the one where your son looks like he is opening a box of sun is amazing!

  3. The sunlight in the first one of Bell is gorgeous, in fact they're all gorgeous!

  4. They share the same big, beautiful eyes! :) x

  5. I love how you have captured the different aspects of their personalities! Especially Bell - young women through to excitable little girl. I'm sure you see it every day, and how special to have captured it forever. You're a beautiful mama x


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