Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Op shop showoff.........midwinter finds


Retro Kitchen finds...........

When the boys and I were in town last week we popped into a local op shop for quick look and on leaving I noticed a Retro Kitchen display in the window.  There was an amazing orange pyrex bowl, but it had a huge chip on the rim so I decided to leave it.  But I did come home with some fantastic Retro pottery.

First up are the Midwinter (1960s) Lidded tureen ($9) and soup bowl ($4).  After researching the Midwinter mark on Google the design is Spanish Garden.

The second is a Japanese lidded tureen.  I love the stylised Cherry Blossom lid.  It is the first piece of Japanese pottery that I have bought and was only $3.
A bit of Midwinter History............
(Courtesy of Wikipedia)

The Midwinter Pottery was founded in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, in 1910 and had become one of England's largest potteries by the late 1930s with more than 700 employees.

In the 1950s, under the leadership of the director Roy Midwinter, the company became one of the leading innovators in British tableware production. A large part of this was due to the noted ceramicists and designers who worked for the pottery.  The Midwinter Pottery was also an innovator in producing 'accessories' to their basic dinner services and tea sets.

In the 1960s, the Spanish Garden design, that was very successful on dinnerware and tea sets, adorned articles such as a bread bin and chopping board.

Many of the pieces produced by Midwinter in the 1950s and 1960s have become highly collectible, being typical of the styles of those eras.

Found anything great lately? Pop over and share it with Max.



  1. ahh now just to fill them with wintery soupy goodness!....some retro soups maybe?. Al x

  2. They are gorgeous! The colours are just awesome and i love hearing the history :)

  3. Those pieces are awesome...can just picture a broccoli and cheese side dish or macncheese pasta bake. Good call on leaving the chipped Pyrex... They can give nasty deep cuts if you're not careful!

  4. Ooooh! I've got a jug in that midwinter pattern! I'll find out how much it costs to send over to you, wont be until after my hols though! :)

  5. ooh, they are fab!!!! love the colour an so useful too, bonus lol!

  6. The Midwinter design is stunning. and perfect timing with soups and casseroles aplenty. x

  7. Oh, my favourite Midwinter, the Spanish Garden design. I have the 2 piece gravy boat set and I use it every week. My daughter has put her name on it for when I depart this planet!! So hard to find any Midwinter these days.

  8. They are just gorgeous - how lucky are you! I never seem to find anything as exciting. Well done! cheers Wendy

  9. That Midwinter Pottery is just so stunning! What a wonderful find!!! I love the pattern and colors!! And such a cool bit of history!!

  10. Score!

    love those colours.

    rachel xo

  11. Love the midwinter pattern,gorgeous,lucky you.Hope the holidays are bright and sunny for you guys, it's been consistantly drizzling here for days, everyone has had enough. Is that a covered sandpit in your front yard?

    1. Not a covered sandpit but a raised flowerbed. I have been thinking of digging some of the soil out, lining it and filling with sand for the boys. It is under an apricot tree so would be lovely in summer xo


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