Thursday, 24 July 2014

A list

Making:  hot chocolates with a side of marshmallows and biscuits.
Cooking: poached eggs with mushrooms, tomatoes and spinach for breakfast......when time allows.
Drinking: right now a cold glass of local chardonnay.
Reading: the news online, more than I should and getting upset, so hard not too.
Wanting: new shoes - but not finding any I like.
Looking: at my poor neglected garden.......this weekend I will give it some attention.
Playing: racetracks, planes and cars.  As you do when you have little boys in the house.
Deciding: on a holiday destination for the next school holidays???
Wishing: I was a morning person.  I'm ALWAYS the last one up in our house.
Enjoying: cosy evening fires and DVD deliveries.
Waiting: for the next batch of DVD's - love online deliveries.
Liking: that we are going out for dinner in the weekend.  Can't wait.
Wondering: about ideas for our wedding and thinking we should look at setting a date.  Exciting.
Loving:  my weekly pay packet.
Pondering: if it is too early to start putting things away for Christmas and where to hide them.
Watching: Breaking Bad, Modern Family.....oh and Planes and FROZEN.
Hoping:  my little man's tummy bug hurry's up and leaves.
Marvelling: at how much energy a certain little boy has on not a lot of know who you are.
Needing: some nights of un-interrupted sleep.
Smelling: clean washing drying in front of the fire.
Wearing: "nice things" a few days a week for my new job.....and our neighbour not recognising me!
Following: the Garden Share Collective - and finding motivation to get back into my garden.
Noticing: more grey hairs.
Knowing: I'm right 95% of the time and Mr H the other 5%
Thinking: I hope he is not reading this.
Feeling: busy, full and content.
Admiring: my neighbours caravan.  I want to put it in our garden under the apricot trees.
Buying: Birthday pressies for someone who turns 40 next week.
Getting: into the groove of working part-time, and trying my hardest to be organised.
Bookmarking: online recipes, homeware sites, and holiday destination ideas.
Opening: emails to find lovely messages from other bloggers.  Bloggers are awesome!
Giggling: at the "toilet humour" of small boys and joining in.
Feeling: goosed.

A list via Pip.


  1. Haha! I related to so many of these! I am SO not a morning person either, mornings are rough.

  2. I also related to many of these! Shared humanity, I think it's called.
    And of course you are right 95% of the time ;-)

  3. Not a morning person here either, always last up, sooooo grateful I married a morning person

    1. My Mr is a morning person.........but thinks one he is up, everybody else should be too. He has on more than one occasion pulled me by my feet out of bed. The kids think it is hilarious! xo

  4. As a list-lover I really enjoyed this post. It's never too early to start putting stuff away for Christmas! I keep a Christmas notebook to keep track of what I have bought and the intended recipient; that way I don't inadvertently buy multiple gifts for anyone. I know, it's a bit sad really! X

    1. That is a really good idea. Last year I found myself unwrapping things as I couldn't remember what was inside xo

  5. I really want a jammie dodger now! At least that's what we call those jam-centred biscuits :)

    1. I remember jammie dodgers. Here they call them Shrewsbury biscuits. They never last very long in our house xo

  6. I love seeing these lists popping up xxx an insight into each others lives
    love the photo too

  7. ok the cooking part sounds really good - currently I have a roast cooking away in my oven - perfect winter fare!~

  8. I've been wondering about wedding ideas for my own wedding and like you have no date set. Pinterest is a dangerous place to be when I've got planning on my mind.

    1. I haven't ventured onto Pinterest yet.....I don't dare! xo

  9. ove your list, hope your little man gets better soon and you get some sleep. My husband is currently suffering the dreaded man-cold - I'm sleeping on the sofa, so I get sleep. Have a great weekend - I might get into my neglected winter garden too ....

  10. Ok I think that my computer ate my comment! I love this list you! I can't wait to hear more about the wedding! And what I would do for a long nights rest as well! You cracked me up about being right...HA! Good luck with the vacation planning!! Nicole xoxo

  11. Great list! I struggle to get up but I despise not getting up and getting a'dem! Hope you have a super happy healthy week x


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