Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Settling in


When we first left our old home town and arrived in our new one, we were in a Holiday House for the first Month while we waited for Settlement on our house.  We loved exploring our new home town - and are excited about all the places we have yet to visit.

Now we are settling into our new home and I no longer get lost trying to find certain shops in town.  We are making friends and are getting to know our neighbours.

After all the initial worry about moving our children it always amazes me how resilient they are.  They have taken to their new surroundings like ducks to water!

Now that Spring is here we are looking forward to the warmer weather arriving and dipping more than our toes into the lake.

We have lots of painting to do in the house along with curtains and carpet to be replaced ................. eventually and hopefully a bathroom update and kitchen extension. 

This weekend will be a long one and I'm dying to get my hands into the soil and start planting.  I have one more room to unpack, I can't believe the amount of boxes there were!  I was pleased to use the school holidays as an excuse to have a break - we had a full house of extra small people!

I often get asked if we miss our old town and our house in the country.  Sometimes, I do, especially our friends, (some) family and our awesome neighbour Jill.  But mostly I'm excited about our future.  I'm relishing the time I have with my family, and enjoying the newness of everything around us.  I love an Adventure me, and this journey feels like a good one.

Enjoy your week lovelies, and thank you so much for your comments and feedback on my last post.  I will definitely keep the blog name, so thank you!


  1. Sounds like you are settling in just fine! I always like a bit of adventure and I would love to move to a new place!

  2. It's great to see you back, how lovely for you & your family to have an exciting new adventure & a new house to decorate x

  3. I was very glad to hear that it was lovely, new and exciting things that meant that you hadn't blogged - especially as I had only just found your blog!! It could have been something horrible, so I was happy. Your new area looks beautiful - & it looks as though you will have lots of fun renovating/redecorating the house. I look forward to regular updates & finding out about your plans for a business.

  4. Oh how I feel you! So so happy for you all and what an exciting time!! Busy but exciting! And aren't children amazing?! Hope you continue to love your new spot xx

  5. Oh yes, the thrill of being able to put your stamp on a new home! It's so exciting, isn't it? And that looks like one impressive view out of your window. x

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