Friday, 26 July 2013

A Royal Baby..........and that blue polka dot dress

Prince George Alexander Louis
Born 22 July
8lbs 6oz
I have been annoying Mr H all week with this.  I've been feeding him with up to the minute news feeds.  The fact he is home this week on holiday makes him an easy target.
I am a Kate and William fan you see.  I stayed up to the wee hours watching their wedding unfold.  Champagne and chocolate to hand.  And a Royal Baby is just the icing on the cake.
From the minute I read that The Duchess was in labour I was checking regularly for updates.  Then to read a baby boy was born.  Lovely.   And that they named him George, perfect.
Don't they look like proud parents?  I can't help wonder if once they get back to the "palace" if Kate will be in trackie bottoms and milk stained t-shirts while she gets the hang of their new parenting gig?
Will she get all over tired and shouty?  She can't exactly put Prince George in his pram and pop down to Mothercare for fresh air and breast pads can she?!
Anyway I purchased my Commemorative Magazine today, to add to my Kate and William stash.......yes I am a geek.
It is so nice to have news reports filled with baby newborn joy, compared to the usual (usually awful) media reports.
And no it does not make me clucky.  But it does make me want to buy a blue a white polka dot dress!
Happy weekending!
Our Prince George!


  1. Your George is a handsome little Prince :) I loved her dress too, especially when I looked back at pics of Diana presenting William to the world in her polka-dots. I don't know if it was intentional, but I think it's lovely. A new baby is always lovely. I just wish all babies born could have the same opportunities, don't you? I can't help but think of all the babies born on that same day, but whose lives will be forever in the balance. There but for the grace of God, or so they say...

  2. Such a change having something lovely like a royal baby reported about in the news :) I adored her polka dot dress too :)

  3. Your Prince George is adorable! And I can not imagine what she is going through! To have to be in the public and to be put together seems like a lot! I hope she gets some privacy in the weeks to come with this sweet bundle!!!

  4. Haha! Hubby and I had the exact same conversation. Are they arguing at 3am about why he's crying? I had my friend in the UK texting me updates all personal royal correspondent!

  5. Yes a great happy moment! Love the allotments and that store....always so much going on here! :) x

  6. I am not usually a Royal watcher, but I love a new baby. I admit I was keeping my eye out for news of the delivery. Love the polka dot dress.

  7. Nice to know there are other royal fans out there - I have been one since I was 10 and the then Lady Di came on to the scene. I had scraps books and magazines. Still get myself special commemorative magazines too.


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