Thursday, 18 July 2013


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

We have a protected bush reserve that backs onto farm land not far from our house.  It is becoming a regular stop on the way back from town, a last attempt at tiring the boys out before we head home.  We rug up before we head in as the canopy is dense, so the air is always noticeably cooler.  The light as you reach the edges, where the bush meets farm land is always so beautiful.  There are ferns, palms, fallen trees, holes in tree trunks, ancient roots and fungus galore.  These three love it here.


Very happy to be joining in with Jodi's "52 project".


  1. Beautiful photos of your children!!
    I received your parcel last week with my Eco Store Lip Balm from your giveaway - thank you so much, it is a great product that is being used by the whole family ( Thanks also for the chocolates - my favourites!!)

  2. What a mesmerising shot of your girl. She looks like a wood nymph! Lovely. That reserve of yours sounds magical. X

  3. Stunning pics what an awesome playground nothing better than nature

  4. {}
    A kids true empire - nature - it's the simple things that they get the most kick out of. I love it!!! x

  5. Sounds like the perfect place for great childhood memories!


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