Friday, 2 November 2012


November Photo a Day Challenge - Day 2

Our fruit trees are starting to show fruit.  This photo is of one of our plum trees by our entrance gate.  It's not a huge tree but it is HEAVING with plums already.  The green fruit against the blue sky looks beautiful I think.  And then there is that one little plum who has decided to race against the others and try and ripen before everyone else!
We have peach trees and one other we are not sure about yet.  They are long established trees so I think the fruit they produce will be plentiful.  I've been reading up on preserving and have started collecting jars.  I don't want any of the fruit to go to waste.
Do you have fruit trees in your garden?  Apart from eating and giving away all the lovely supplies of fruit what do you do with the excess?


  1. My neighbour does, some of which falls onto ours! They are a generous pair actually, I would only need to ask! :)

  2. I love the colours :) We grow a few bushes at Sunny's preschool and one of our clever teachers has made Mulberry jam from fresh mulberries in the garden. Simply add fresh scones, cream and the mulberry jam and you're in heaven!

    Perfect ideas for Christmas gifts Elaina!

    Sophie xo

  3. We have apples and citrus but it's a battle against the possums. My parents have a few fruit trees. Jam is always good and they have a dehydrator. They make dried apples and fruit leather with peaches/plums/mango/apricot, whatever is available. Some home grown, some from the market. The kids love it.


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