Friday, 16 November 2012

The view from your window

November Photo a Day Challenge - Day 16


This is the view from our bedroom that I wake up to every morning.  Always a pleasure to pull the curtains back especially if the sun is shining!

I love our leafy green tree - in a matter of a couple of months it has grown all it leaves back after being bare over winter.  This tree will be a blessing in the upcoming hot summer months.

View out the left side of our bedroom - toward the hills.

And here is the view out our lounge window. You can just see the covers for the kiwifruit orchard in the distance. There is farmland across from us which grazes sheep over winter and grows corn through the summer months.
We have this amazing flower growing along our fence line.  I thought it was going to be old fashioned roses growing here.  I'm not sure what they are - they sport the VERY sharp thorns though.  Do you know what this flower is?

Have a great weekend - what do you have planned?


  1. What a beautiful big tree! I often think that's what our backyard is missing - a big tree with its own history xx

  2. Such a beautiful outlook from every room you lucky duck. That bush sure looks like a rose to me- google "wild rose" and see what you think. It seems like a huge shrub- maybe you need to build it an arch or arbour and train it? mel x

  3. Lovely views, and what a great place for the children to play in! :)

  4. Love the big, shady tree. Looks like a great space for kids to run around.

  5. I think it's a dog rose - will climb like crazy! Lovely flowers though.


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