Friday, 9 November 2012


November Photo a Day Challenge - Day 9


Treasures bought from a clever friends craft stall - teeny bunting for on top of a cake. I've displayed it here in a Peter Rabbit cup and saucer I bought for couple of pounds when living in London.  I think it will find it's way to the top of one of the boy's birthday cake next year.  I love anything to do with bunting!


Small cushions - I love the lace detail and vintage fabric bunting on these.  I'm thinking of changing my bed linen to tie in with these lovely cushions.

And yay it's Friday - here's to a lovely weekend!


  1. All so pretty, still trying to pick the 'small' thing to feature, hmmm, love Posie

  2. Love the tiny bunting. Actually I love all bunting. We still have birthday bunting up from a few months ago. I don't really want to take it down. It will be someone's birthday soon, anyway.

  3. I love the bunting pillow case! After I finish my hexi quilt for SUnny I'd love to make a quilt similar to that bunting frill all the way down... If that makes any sense? I have a Peter Rabbit saucer and cup set from when I was little too! 32 years ago!

    Sophie xo

  4. Your bunting is lovely, I love how all the colours look together! :)


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