Thursday, 15 November 2012

Vintage Suitcases

November Photo a Day Challenge - Day 14
Manmade - that could be a manner of all things but I though it's the perfect excuse to photograph my vintage suitcases.  I love using them for storage and with little hands around the house they are great for locking or buckling shut.  And whats not to love about the smell of old leather and to wonder what kind of life they had before they came to live here.
I use two of them in Tom's room to put the boys playcentre and kindy clothes in.  A great way to separate the good clothes from the mucky ones.
I store these under the bed - which makes for easy access.

And the ones below are stacked in lounge to hold all of our CD's. 
And the fact that I can buckle these ones are great as they can be kept away from sticky hands!

I'm always on the lookout for more to use as toy storage for in the playroom.
What do you find handy to use as storage?
November Photo a Day Challenge - Day 15
In your bag.............
I could'nt quite bring myself to dedicate a post to the contents of my bag for the November Photo a Day Challenge.  Hence why I'm tagging it on to the one above!

Still loving and using my Orla Kiely tote - loads and loads of room inside.  It's filled with the usual things we like to cart around - wallet, lipgloss, wipes, nappies, toy cars, snacks for the boys and piles of paper.  Now I've had a good dig around in it I think it may be time to give it a clearout.
Hope you are having a great week!


  1. love your vintage suitcase collection! and what great ways to use them too! i've got a few vintage was a road side find the other i snapped up for $5 at a garage sale..they now come to markets with me to help display my goodies xx

  2. What a great collection! There's just something about old suitcases!!!

  3. Lovely collection of vintage suitcases! I really like the idea of using them as under bed storage. I may have to keep an eye on a few to go under my little ones room, to store the outfits that are too big for her at the moment.
    Thanks for the idea :)
    Have a great day x


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