Monday, 26 November 2012

A summers day


A beautiful summers day today..............
Paddling pool + hose = afternoon entertainment.  Our garden water comes from the vineyard bore and as we are on tank water this is a huge bonus for us.  Lots of water play planned for the hot days ahead.
Love chubby feet in paddling pools.
Icecreams a must on hot sunny days like these.
Fruit trees starting to fruit.  We have plum, apricot and peach trees.
My favourite view.
Climbing the fence for a play in the vineyard.
A shady vine for our pup Charlie.
Over the fence!
Never tire of hanging out the washing when this is my view.


  1. I love looking at your pictures. Really does remind me of home.
    Which part of NZ are you in?

  2. I love that bubs can run around in tee and a nappy! Sunny did the same yesterday with the weather we had! Not in a nappy though :)We're expecting 41 degress this Saturday... This part of Summer I don't quite enjoy :(

    Sophie xo

  3. wow! perfection! this is how I imagine living the country life dream! I would want for nothing more, if I had days like yours...blissful! enjoy the summer days spent like that! xx

  4. Looks like a magic day! Hope the rest of your week follows suit. :) x

  5. What an enchantingly idyllic part of the world :) Jenx

  6. I remember those days well! Looks like lots of fun was had! :)

  7. I'm dreaming....!

    You have sunshine and we have the wet - and floods.

    Enjoy you're Summer

    Nina x

    1. Hope the weather settles down soon for you Nina. Elaina xo


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