Monday, 5 November 2012

5 o'clock

November Photo a Day Challenge - Day 5

Take a photo of what you are doing at 5am or 5pm.

Thank goodness I was still sound asleep at 5am!

5pm however is another story.  Dinner was cooking Bell and Tom were in the vineyard taking Charlie for a walk. George had fallen asleep (little did we know he was brewing a temperature) I was pottering in the garden.  The kiddies were loving being outside.   The weekend had been cold and a little wet.  This morning was like winter again but by the afternoon the sun was out and it was warm again.

I've been pottering in the garden.  There is still SO much to do.  I still need to start my vege garden.  There are lots of lovely surprises happening in our garden though.  Flowers are popping out all over the place and in particular roses.  Yellow ones at the front of the house and red roses along the fence line.  It looks like we may have peach coloured roses appearing around the water tank.  I'm watching and waiting.

I was also hanging out the washing around 5pm but who wants to see a photo of that, seriously?! 


  1. Don't you love that you can still hang out the washing at 5pm in summer and it has a great chance of drying!

    Love the bursts of colour around your house :)

    Sophie xo

    1. I know right! We are getting that crazy hot sun that fades your clothes in the afternoon. Hang out in the evening and it's dry by mid morning........yawn. Are you still awake reading this! Elaina xo

  2. There are some things even we bloggers don't want too see, that is unless of course, you have the most perfect vintage laundry room! :)


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