Sunday, 4 November 2012

Natural First Aid Kit

I'm a big fan of natural remedies.  I will tend to goto our local naturopath than to a Doctor.  With my kiddies however I always consult a Doctor first and then followup the visit with a trip to see Amanda at Manutuke Herbs - she also has a great online store.

I've been researching age old remedies for a home first aid kit.  Alot of these I already use like Arnica and Manuka honey.  I've compiled a list below and will be making up a kit to keep at home.  Visit your local health food store or have a look online as you should be able to pick alot of these up in readymade ointment or oil/drop form.

Aloe vera
Used since ancient times for relief from scalds, sunburn and itchy bites.  This grows in abundance at one of our local beaches.  Handy to grab on the way home after a day spent in the sun.

Use on aches and pains but don't apply to broken skin.  Great for bringing out bruising.  I have always taken Arnica drops a week or so before my babies were born to help with the healing process.

Heals cuts and scrapes and soothes itchy, inflamed skin.

Chamomile tea
Great as a sleep aid, chamomile also helps anxiety and depression.  If you have inflamed skin, add it to your bath water.  I find it helps settle a quesy stomach too.  It is also mild enough to give to children.

Clary sage
Eases menstrual cramps when blended with rose and lavender oils.  Massage into your tum, a hot water bottle helps too.

A natural painkiller, apply a drop to gums for toothache, but don't use on children under 12.

Helps ease colds, flu and sinus infections or allergies.  Helpful when added to a diffuser or put a few drops in a bowl of hot hot water, cover your head and the bowl with a towel and inhale the steam.

Great for easing nausea from motion sickenss and pregnancy.  Ginger tea also aids digestion.

Apply directly to unbroken skin or take a drop under the tongue for headaches and upset tummies.  Cooling pain relief for aches and pains.

My favourite of all the oils.  It can be applied to wounds, burns and bites.  It's gentle enough to use during pregnancy and on children and broken skin.

Manuka honey
Highly antibacterail, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.  Apply directly to cuts, scrapes and burns to fight infection and speed healing.  It helps rid you of throat infections and eases coughs.  I always make up the following when colds and flus hit our household:

Lemon and Manuka Honey Drink

Add a heaped teaspoon (or more if you love the taste) of Manuka honey to a cup of boiling water.
Squeeze in lemon juice as well as adding a few slices of lemon.

Make sure when choosing your Manuka honey that you look for Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) of at least 10.

I also by Manuka throat lozenges in lollipop form for the kids to suck on when unwell.  These are great for Tom as he does'nt like the lemon and honey drink.

Tea tree
Very antiseptic and antifungal.

Do you like natural remedies? What do you use in your home?


  1. Tea tree works wonders at healing, I use it a lot on myself and the kids. Eucalyptus oil is also very useful for cleaning, I use it to take paint or sticker residue off things and it is so gentle, it never corrupts the surface underneath :)

    1. Thanks for the cleaning tip using Eucalyptus - going to try this as Tom has taken to decorating every surface with stickers at the moment! Elaina xo

  2. yum! I will have to bookmark this post to return to when I next need a cure :-) I just had a lemon & honey made for me by my lovely flatmate x

  3. Thanks for sharing these..very interesting. I always take a honey lemon drink when I have a sore throat, it works wonders.
    I used tea tree oil in my bath after my pregnancy, to help with the recovery..worked really well.
    Magie x

  4. I'm very much in favor of natural remedies, I manage my health naturally, much to the frustration of my consultant and GP, I do believe it's helping though, with none of the nasty side effects! Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Good on you! I think these days so many more people are wanting to go down the natural path for maintaining their health. Elaina xo

  5. I love lemon and honey drinks for sore throats an colds. Haven't used manuka honey before, though.

    1. Manuka honey is native to New Zealand - but I'm pretty sure it's making it's way into overseas markets. Elaina xo


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