Saturday, 10 November 2012

Can't (won't) live without

November Photo a Day Challenge - Day 10

Soooooo many things to choose from for this Photo a Day Challenge - Can't (won't) live without.


For me - today, it is sunny warm weekends spent with family.
I love weekends.  Everyone is home.

My Retro sun chairs had their debut.  George was taken with them.  They passed the comfort test.

Flowers picked from our garden.
A late afternoon BBQ with cousins.

Off to explore the vineyard and find some tractors.

So lucky to have a vineyard on our doorstep to eat by, playin and explore.


Have a great weekend!


  1. Love those deck chairs, they are going to get lots of use I think! :)

    1. I keep peeking out the window and staring at them. I love them! xo

  2. Oh your pictures are fantastic Elaina! I love your home! I've never been to a winery but I'm thinking I may be making a trip soon to the Hunter here in NSW before it gets too hot...

    Keep sharing. You truly do live in a lovely place of the world.

    Sophie xo


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