Sunday, 18 November 2012

Happened this weekend

November Photo a Day Challenge - Day 18


Happened this weekend.....................

An amazing sunset.
Clearing of the chicken coop has begun!
Lots of gardening.
Fresh grapefruit for breakfast - George is a fan.
Homemade burgers, pizza and chocolate cake for Sunday lunch with friends.
Lots of sorting around the house.  Jungle vines and artwork hung in the playroom.
Bell had a friend for a sleepover - Tom followed them everywhere - they were so patient.
Movie nights.
VERY tired children come Sunday evening.


  1. mmm, grapefruit! delicious! x

  2. I love the picture of the kids playing on the mound of dirt! I had someone call my daughter a tom boy today because she chose not to watch Barbie dvd's but instead preferred to kick a soccer ball around the yard... Isn't it funny how some seem to think that a child playing outside is unusual!!

    Sophie xo

  3. They play in the chicken coop all the time - not too sure how they will feel once it has been cleared! xo


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