Thursday, 8 November 2012

Something you do everyday

November Photo a Day Challenge - Day 8



There are lots of photos I could have taken for today's photo challenge but there is one constant, one task that I do EVERYDAY all around the house and that is picking up toys, tidying up and putting things away.  With two toddlers in the house this is a given.

This is how the playroom first looked after we had the new carpet put down and I finally completed the boys play space. 
I don't recall it ever looking like this again since.
The idea of having a separate playroom that is closed off from the rest of the house has been great - I tend to only go in maybe once a week and give it a good tidy - but the toys do find their way through the "secret door" and into the rest of the house, hence the constant picking up and tidying.
This is how the toys escape the playroom and make their way into the far reaches of the house - the "secret door".
Oh well - atleast they love playing in there (teeth clenched).


  1. I hear you. A friend gave me a tip - use a plastic rake to sweep the toys to the side of the room. I haven't tried it yet but remember it occasionally when i am putting toys back in their containers for the hundredth time that day.

  2. Don't you wish you could click your fingers like Mary Poppins! Sunny tried to do it and asked me to click my fingers after she saw that movie... Too bad it doesn't work in real life! If I had a super power I think I'd choose that!

    Sophie xo

  3. All to soon they grow up, then we will be wishing we had toys to tidy! :)

    1. Will our old bones be able to bend down then??

  4. I so know that feeling - it feels like ground hog day around here some weeks.

    Nina x

  5. I've started picking up toys when I'm at other people's houses - completely on auto-pilot! Love the secret door :)


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