Monday, 23 June 2014





Just loved our weekend.  Tom scored his first Try at Rugby, there was minimal squabbling the only real hiccup being the button someone shoved up their nose!  And after complaints from Bell Saturday morning that she was bored after telling her she needed to do something other than play on her phone, I was on a mission to make her weekend phone free and fun!  She loves craft so I set up the table with paints, mini canvases, buttons, washi tape, a necklace making kit and anything else I could get my hands on.  She loved it and crafted all day.......mission complete.

Let's not forget the Looming too.  I actually thought this had been and gone in our town and had simply bi-passed our house.  But no, after having Bell talk about it all week we did a quick dash into town to pick up the necessary supplies (yay a cheap hobby) and this kept her occupied (and off her phone) for the rest of the weekend.  I've since been on line and ordered her a huge Looming kit with all the Bell's and whistles.  With school holidays approaching this new hobby/distraction could be great timing.

Over the weekend:
Home time - hanging at home over the weekend is under-rated I think.
A roaring fire.
Homemade vegetable soup with a bacon hock for dinner.
Date and cinnamon scones.
Mr H's English breakfasts on a Sunday morning.
Washing conquered.
Windows and window sills washed.
Vegetable garden weeded and dug over ready for new plantings.
Winter sun.
Blue skies.
Mud pies and outdoor kitchen/café play.
Books, trains and Lego.
Tea, tea and more tea.

I would have loved more sleep but heck you can't have everything.  Here's to a good week ahead and another weekend to look forward too.


  1. Looks simply lovely and full of happiness! Gorgeous art, and gorgeous moments x

  2. What a lovely weekend. Beautiful photos! The looming comment made me laugh - we ended up with a packet after we bought our nephew's birthday present (they were in our shopping bag!) and we didn't know what they were or about the craze!

    Beccy ~Bluebell & Bumpkin

  3. It sounds like a great weekend, especially at the outdoor kitchen and the craft table! xx

  4. That is just so awesomel to see all of the crafting going on by you! How wonderful that Bell had such a great time making all weekend! The button canvas art is stunning! Please do tell her so! WOW! And the new path in the garden is spectacular! Sounded like the richest weekend with all of the perfect parts! Happy week to you...I could use some sleep too!!! Nicole xoxo

  5. It sure sounds like a great weekend Elaina. Well done for scoring a first try Tom and well done you for managing to keep your teenager away from the phone, this is not an easy task (says the mum of a teenager). I hope the rest of your week will be great, too. xx

  6. fab weekend. The wooden train set was one of the best thing I ever bought for the boys. Now - how do I get teenage boys off screens??????? ("it's for school, it's for school" :) )

    1. Teens and technology are my bugbear. I get the "it's for school" line too. Am clueless as to what would keep boys off screens. Let me know when you find out and I will file it away for when my boys are teens. xo

  7. What a perfect weekend! Look forward to crafting sessions, and in particular painting sessions that stay that neat and tidy!! x

    1. Use water base paints. I prefer to do painting outside, but it was cold and a bit yuck outside so I gave in. Paint did end up on the carpet from an airborne paint brush but it washed out easily....after much hyperventilating from me ;-)

  8. What a great weekend! we've been doing some similar things here :) love the glimpses into your garden and the vineyard as well!


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