Friday, 13 June 2014

The start of an outdoor kitchen

Last weekend we made a start on the boys outdoor kitchen.  I had been hunting around for something to start the kitchen off with when Mr H came home with a kitchen bench that my brother had given him. My brother is currently renovating a very old house, so his (timely) ripping out of the kitchen came in handy and it is always nice to recycle something old.

It has a small native rimu wooden bench and the rest is all stainless steal work top - so it should withstand the seasonal weather well.  It almost became a fish filleting station for Mr H but after much twisting of arms and a few mild threats, he came round to the idea that a kitchen for the boys would be a great idea.

I chose a shady spot in the garden that is also in close range for the boys to scoop up mud and leaves for pie making.  We have had rain all week so this weekend we are hoping the weather clears a little so we can finish off the backboard, add shelving to house all the op-shopped kitchenware I have collected and add a little paint.

I can see hours of fun to be had here.

And it's the start of the weekend here so I hope your weekend is a good one!


  1. I love it! I so want one in my garden for Jarvis

  2. How wonderful! Some of my happiest memories are of playing 'house' in the garden with mud, leaves,twigs etc, and all the spoons from the kitchen which my poor mum had to retrieve when she needed them! Your boys will just love this outdoor kitchen!

  3. What great times they will have with their outdoor kitchen. Jo xx

  4. It's going to be really wonderful. I love it already.

  5. I reckon it could be a play kitchen and a 'Dads and Lads' fish filleting station - then the boys could all play together! ;-)

  6. Now how cool is this pal! That piece is so beautiful! Rustic and vintage feeling...a mud makers heaven! Oh you have to take pics of the boys playing here! Wishing you an awesome weekend lady! Nicole xoxo

  7. An outdoor kitchen what a wee gem of an idea that is! My lil girl spends hours in her kitchen happily making flower petal stew or soup

  8. I am sure that the boys will love it!!! Just think of all the mud pies and fun that they will have!!! I guess that your hubby could always use it to fillet his fish - if he goes down on his knees!!! xx

  9. i'm melting Elaina, Bear and Lulu would LOVE one of those. Infact I reckon I'd be doing some outdoor meals on there too.
    I need some more tips for entertaining my fellas over the break????
    Mud pies is top of the list x

  10. That's a cool looking outdoor kitchen! I love how you incorporated stainless steel top with wood. It made the whole thing feel rustic and at one with its surroundings, while still standing up against the elements. I think that's a good location for the kitchen as well. Anyway, that's a great picture of a rainbow, which only means great things for you in the future! I hope everyone is in the best of health. Cheers!

    Terry Holt @ LandTech

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