Monday, 26 August 2013

Waiting for this.........

Spring/Summer I am waiting for you!
We have had a really mild winter so far.  And I know in the coming month or so we will get cold days and rain but it really does feel that Spring is here already.
I've have enjoyed the comforts of home over the cold winter months, the hearty cooking and having the fire going but I seem to be looking out for signs of Spring very eagerly at the moment.
Although it is only August I'm already planning our Christmas holidays and have started my Christmas shopping (yeah I know).
Waiting for days where we return from the beach sun kissed, sandy and tired...........
I'm looking forward to returning our outdoor table and chairs onto the back lawn (which gets a little wet and boggy over winter) and enjoying eating our meals outside in the warm sun while lapping up the wonderful views.  Having family and friends over for bbq's and watching the kids tearing around outside till dark.
Soon I keep telling myself............soon.



  1. I want to live where you do! It's utterly picturesque. Spring has started showing its face over here too, and likewise, I'm VERY excited. x

  2. We are finally getting some sunshine too, glad to hear you are as well. I am hanging out for the end of winter (and sick kids) mel x

  3. oh gosh, ME TOO! I'm grateful for the mild & pretty Winter we've had but Spring/Summer is where it's at! Your back lawn and that view in the summertime sounds absolutely blissful to me. Bel x

  4. Ooh - I get nostalgic about Christmas in the summer

  5. Being organised and ready for summer/Christmas makes it a much more enjoyable break! Looking forward to it too :)

  6. Since winter arrived late here & has been threatening to leave already, I'm rather hoping it will hang around! Although I would dearly love some rain!
    All the best,
    Sarah xo


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