Friday, 9 August 2013

Things I'm loving

Napkins and cutlery in a Agee jar.  Deep pink coloured roses.  We are surrounded by a lot of green at the moment but not so much colour.  I have been putting flowers in with my weekly shop.  Makes such a difference to a room and your mood don't you think?

And so far, small hands have left them alone................

Cut glass jugs make great vases.

Anyone else over cushion?

Afternoon sun in George's bedroom.  The weather has been glorious this week.  Cold mornings and bright blue sunny days.  Feels like Spring has sprung.

Have had some really nice mornings at home this week in between lots of driving to and from town for appointments and the usual day to day running around.  I've been re-arranging and sorting......again. 

The granny cabinet is full.  I've been moving things around to make room for my newly acquired and slightly ugly coffee set.

Nice things in the mail.  I will share with you next week!

Date and nut loaf for the baking tins.

Chocolate and craisin cookies.  These were NOT a hit.  Too crumbly.  Bell was the only one who liked them.  The boys just picked the chocolate out. 

4.30pm..........My new favourite time of day.  The sun is starting to sink.  It's that time of day where it starts to cool, windows are closed to keep the afternoon warmth of the sun in.  I've been bathing the boys at this time instead of after dinner.  We have had a good evening routine this week.  Early nights for the kids and DVD watching for Mr H and I.

And Maybell gets her last walk of the day.

It has been a good week.

Happy weekending lovelies! xo

"I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful matter how simple it is."

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  1. Lovely photos, Elaina. Still loving that London scene cushion. I am a fan of cut glass too, the jugs are gorgeous.

  2. Great flowers, I agree, it is good to add a bit of colour around the house. Love the cushion with the bunting along the top, I have never seen anything like that. Did you make it yourself?

    1. Hi Amy, a very clever friend made the two small cushions. I love the bunting one too.

    2. Obviously a very clever friend! What a nice person to know.

  3. I over-cushion too, it drives my husband mad. Those pictures give a nice feeling of your days at home. x

  4. Those cut glass jugs are gorgeous. and I love those kelston tea-cups! I have some too :) What a lovely sunshiney week :)

  5. {}
    Beautiful Photos -
    And thanks for the Flatout Frankie giveaway - the kids painted the dino heads yesterday. They loved it!
    I popped a photo yesterday on my Facebook Page if you want to see them dino designing in action!

  6. It sure does look like a lovely week. Good on you for brightening the place up with flowers - sure takes the gloom out of winter! That date and nut loaf looks yummo!

  7. What a lovely week and look at all that Crown Lynn goodness

  8. I loved these photos....I could feel the warmth and sunshine like I was actually there! I can't wait for Spring...and better still, Summer!!!!


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