Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Vineyard

A few photos of the vineyard - it is'nt ours by the way.  Just very lucky to have one "over the fence".

It is changing so quickly at the moment.

The vines were pruned just over a month or so ago and they are alreading showing buds and lovely green leaves.

There are often tractors buzzing around - the guys always wave out to the boys and often stop to say hello which the boys love.

When there is no one about it's a safe place for us to go for walks with our puppy Charlie and the kiddies can run around with out the worry of cars about.

Amazing to think that these will one day be holding grapes which will eventually be made into lovely wine for me all to enjoy!


  1. I miss 'our' vineyard terribly!

  2. ...I miss you guys terribly as well! xxxx

  3. You are just embracing spring and we are just bracing ourselves for autumn! Enjoy the wine when you get it! Ada :)

    1. I'm really enjoying the blogs from the otherside of the world. The different seasons etc. Reminds me of when I was living in the UK. xo

  4. Oh wow what an amazing view, seen you listed on Blogfest and glad I came to have a look. Lots I'm liking about your blog :-)

  5. You sure live in a lovely area, sounds idyllic :)
    Enjoy the wine when it is ready..
    Magie x

  6. Oh wow - that is a lucky thing to have on your back doorstep 'big sigh'

    Nina x

  7. I drive past a huge vineyard on my drive into town, and it's been such a beautiful representation of our first year here - it shows the seasons so distinctly. I think it does autumn best, yes? (I've tried to find your email address so I can send you that preserved lemons recipe. Send me a quick email so I can get it to you - typicallyred@yahoo.com) Greer x


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