Monday, 8 October 2012

The weekend

A quiet weekend around home for us.  Lots of time spent in the garden.  Weeding, weeding and more weeding.  We are just about done - it's all looking so much better.  Looking forward to getting to the garden centre this week to buy flowers.  A jumble of colour and varities are what I wanting.  Any suggestions?  This space gets pretty much all day sun.  Don't want anything that needs lots of watering as we are on Tank water supply.

Cooked breakfasts, BBQ's for dinner. Lots of washing done, making the most of the warm and windy weather.  Movies watched.

The first week of the school holidays for us here.  It has been a lovely relaxing week.  Lots of slow mornings (sleepins - very rare in this household) and days at home.  Bell has spent most of the week with her cousin (partner in crime) at her nan's - I've hardly seen her all week!

One more week of school holidays and then Term 4 - where has the year gone!

Weeds gone!
George supervising Dad in the garden.

Morning tea in the shade.

A few of our neighbours.

Hope you had a lovely weekend - how did you spend yours?


  1. We've had a brilliant Autumn weekend, lots of sunshine, with just a hint of coolness! Out getting winter gear for the girls and family walks, lovely! Ada :)

  2. You have a fantastic patch there all ready and waiting to fill with gorgeous plants.

    Nina x

  3. Lovely images, what a pretty garden you have. This year has absolutely flown by, quite scary really. Hope week 2 of the school holiday's is as nice as week 1 xo


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