Friday, 5 October 2012

Anyone for tennis (sets)?

I mean Duraware tennis sets..............


Making it's first appearance in the early 1960's this crockery was made of a dense tough plastic which would not break when dropped.

I found 4 Duraware tennis sets (does anyone know why they call them this?) and within a week of having them I dropped the cups on a tile floor and broke all but one of them - I think I may have cried.   I thought they were not supposed to break!

I have since replaced a yellow cup and am still on the lookout for a maroon and army green one.  This week I found two more sets, another yellow and a very gorgeous pale baby blue set.

I love these - they are so cute and the colours so vibrant.  They are great for children to use, Tom likes using these for his milo and biscuit.

Back in the day I think they were mainly used for picnicing.  Today people are snapping them up (if you can find them) for the same thing and they are of course popular for fitting out retro caravan kitchens with.

Image courtesy of Bach54

I would love to fit out a picnic basket with Duraware!  Do you remember family picnics with Duraware or something similar?

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. I had never heard of duraware before. The tennis sets look very cute. Great colours. My kids have lots of melamine crockery and cups. I thought they were supposed to be unbreakable but we have managed to break quite a few.

  2. These are great, so bright and cheerful.

  3. Oh they are so cute. This is something I would have in my kitchen if I found them.


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