Sunday, 7 October 2012

A gift

My lovely sister n law Em gave me this gorgeous basket of goodies on Friday.

It's a thank you gift as I've started looking after my nieces one morning a week while Em returns to part time work.

It was such a nice surprise - I certainly was'nt expecting it.

The basket contains all home made cleaning products:

Cleaning paste
Antibacterial spray
Lemon dusters (lemon soaked cleaning cloths)
Hand cleaner

Em has handmade all these goodies using the recipes in one of my favourite books - A Home Companion by Wendyl Nissen.


My favourite gift in the basket are the Lemon Dusters.  These strips of cleaning cloths have been
soaked in water, vinegar, lemons and lemon essential oil.  The smell that these little cloths leave in the room is just amazing.

Here is the recipe:

½ cup water
½ cup white vinegar
3–4 lemons
6 drops lemon essential oil
6 to 8 dusters
(made from old towels, nappies or sheets)

  • Mix equal quantities of water and white vinegar in a bowl. Add lemon essential oil, soak your clean dusters in the bowl for a few minutes and squeeze so that they are damp.
  • Peel the rind off the lemons and lay a couple of pieces on each cloth. Roll up cloths lengthwise, then roll the other way into a ball. Place these in the jar one on top of each other, throw in the occasional extra piece of rind and screw on the lid.
  • Take the dusters out when you need to use them, and if they aren’t too soiled you can roll them back up and use them again.

I love a handmade gift.  I can't help thinking about all the care and time that went into making these.

Thank you so much Em xo


  1. I must try this, I can almost smell them. That book looks so interesting! x

  2. How thoughtful, I agree about handmade pressies being the best :)

  3. What a lovely thank you gift, those dusters will smell lovely, it will be a pleasure to clean now! If I got some do you think it would motivate me to dust more! Ada :)

  4. All of this looks right up my ally. Thank you for sharing.

  5. What a lovely and thoughtful gift. I do love the scent of lemon, always my favourite choice when it comes to washing up liquid or pine-o-clean. Enjoy your well deserved goodie basket xo


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