Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Daily routine and a spot of cleaning

I saw this the other day and it made me laugh ..............

It is the last week of the school holidays for us here.  It has been a fairly quiet one with most days spent around home.

I have been alot more laid back when it comes to daily routines and cleaning etc.  I have made sure that I have kept up to date with the washing and dishes etc.  Everything else I have let slide a little. 

Next week it will be back to our daily routines.  I need these - they make life so much more easier and stress free.  Routines make everything tick over.  Things can be found in the morning - everyone knows where everything is - most of the time!

Having the playroom now has made keeping inside the house alot more tidy.  I have shifted most of toys into the playroom apart from books and few favorite toys that the boys like playing with.  I clean and tidy up in the playroom a couple of times a week.  I can shut the door and not see the mess until I'm ready to deal with it.

Next week will be a busy one for us - playcentre, Tom will start his first term at Kindergarten and swimming lessons for both the boys too. Bells after school activities along with school will start for her and I head off on a trip - my first away from the boys.

I'm planning on doing a good clean Sunday morning to get us ready and organised for the busy week - I will get Mr H to take the kids out for a couple of hours so I can get stuck in.

Fellow blogger Claire at Thriftwood  has done a great post on cleaning.  I tend to clean little and often these days as having small ones in the house it is impossible to get it all done at once.  Below is a list that she posted.  I've modified it slightly to suit.  I'm going to print it out, turn the music up and get stuck in.
  • Firstly go all round the house with a bin bag emptying bins and picking up any rubbish you can find
  • Collect all old newspapers, magazines and paperwork for recycling
  • Pick up dirty clothes, sort and put a wash on
  • Next throw away dead flowers and put the vases/jugs/jamjars in the sink ready for washing
  • Collect soap dishes, tooth mugs, etc, from bathroom and put in the sink
  • Spray the sink, bath and toilet with spray (homemade by sister n law Em) leave a while so it can work its magic

  • Do the same in the kitchen, spray the hob, sink and worktops using the same spray
  • Tidy the most important rooms, ie, the ones you spend time in ..... straighten curtains, tidy magazines, plump cushions, and put things back where they belong
  • Straighten bedding/make beds
  • In living rooms/dining room move items from surfaces and wipe them down, then replace items
  • Spray and wipe mirrors.
  • Wipe down the bathroom and kitchen - they should be sparkling by now!
  • Vacum right through the house and mop floors
  • Tidy and vacum the playroom
  • Sweep down front and back porches

Once finished I will stand back and admire the house and try not to grit my teeth when everyone comes back and turns the house upside down again!


  1. I find housework almost impossible - it's like ground hog day around here. If only I could get beyond the tidying and picking up to actually do any cleaning 'big sigh'

    Nina x

  2. I love the illustrations you used with the hints. I find it terribly difficult keeping any type of normal, clean-ish house during the holidays. Now that mine are back at school the house is finally starting to look a bit more organized. You are right about how little bits of tidying can add up to a huge difference at the end of the day.

  3. Some of my cleaning has been put on the side burner at the moment (hard to get all the tasks done with a 9 week old baby :P). I try and fit the most important tasks between naps though..
    Magie x


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