Monday, 24 September 2012

Our Garden

The weather over the weekend was beautiful.  We spent alot of time outside pottering.

We still have alot to do in the garden.  When we moved in it was so overgrown. We moved here in March - and so did the rain!  Mr H was in the middle of Vintage (wine industry busy season) so we were'nt going to see much of him till May - then we had an overseas holiday and a road trip and then Winter was well underway.  So we have really only started sorting out the garden over the last few weeks.

Our fence line borders the vineyard - I would like to plant lemon and lime trees along the vineyard fence.

Beautiful day!  The vines are just starting to bud.

Over the past few weekends we have been doing alot of weeding.

Mr H has cleared one half of our soon to be vege patch.  Weedmat and riverstones have been put  down.  We will use this half for a table and chairs or a possible playhouse that we are looking at getting for the boys.

Even just having half of the old vege patch still makes for a huge space to fill.  The weeds here were about 6 foot high when we moved in!  I can't wait to get the soil turned over and to start planting.

Along the back of the house is a long line of Rosemary.  I have been using alot of this recently when cooking lamb and adding it in with the roast potatoes.

Wine barrels for herbs - already and waiting to be filled and planted.

The large green raised boxes will be for Tom's strawberry plants - this kid lovesssss strawberries. 

There is still a huge chicken coop to clear and planting along the front of the house.  Lots to do!

This lovely big tree is at the front of our property.  I can't wait till it is green and leafy again.  It will provide some much needed shade over the hot summer months.

What's happening in your backyard at the moment?


  1. We are getting the pool ready for summer! Can't wait for the hot weather

  2. Hello and thanks for popping over to my blog and for following me! I would love to follow you too ... just had a little look at A Little Bit Country and it's lovely, really like the natural cleaning recipes. I have friends who live in Tauranga, is that anywhere near you?

    Emjoy your day ... lucky you, it being spring ... it's a wet, grey day here! xxx

    1. Thriftwood - thank you for joining. Am new to blogging and I am really loving it. Tauranga is very near to us. Only a few hours drive North. We stop there often as we have friends there too - great friends who we met when living in London. Have a lovely week!

  3. Sure sounds like you have been busy, it will be well worth it when you can sit out and enjoy all your hard work and start planting some things :)
    My garden has turned into a bit of a jungle this year, just cause I was pregnant during most of the growing season and now with a newborn there isn't much time really either :P Next year, I will try and get things back in control out there :P
    Enjoy your garden..x

    1. You definately have a good excuse Magie! That's whay we put stones down at one end. Otherwise it would have been more of a market garden - too big. Busy enough with 3 kiddies too look after. Hope you and Poppy are well xo

  4. Elaina I'm loving your Vineyard! I dream about places like these even though I've never been out to one... Total city girl I'm afraid! I look forward to seeing your plans around your house unfold...

    I planted my first ever potted herbs which are totally laughable compared to your place! My dad has the green thumb so Sunny enjoys pottering around the garden with her Grandad... I'm hoping she learns a thing or two from him... At the moment she just finds it funny to squirt him with the hose once he turns his back on her!

    Happy planting :)

    Sophie xo

    1. Hi Sophie, thanks for your lovely comments. The vineyard is'nt ours we are just lucky enough to live next door. I'm a city girl too and have alot to learn! Sunny sounds gorgeous! Plant some strawberrie plants with her for summer - that is always a good start. xo

  5. Just discovered your blog today, thrilled to have found you. Love Katie xx

    1. Hi Katie, Thanks for your lovely comment. I'm really loving blogging. Meeting some great people to which is such a nice bonus. Have a lovely day. Elaina xo


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