Friday, 21 September 2012

Crown Lynn Lovelies

I love Crown Lynn.

Described as classic kiwiana, Crown Lynn pottery was a popular household feature in the 1960s. From its 1920s origins as brick and pipe manufacturers, the company expanded into the domestic market.

By 1960 it reached its peak production of about 10 million pieces, becoming the largest pottery company in the Southern Hemisphere at that time.

Although the company folded in the 1980's Crown Lynn is now more popular than ever.

It has always been around me in some shape or form.  My nana and my mum had Crown Lynn dinner sets.  I think every New Zealand household did.

My wee obsession started at my favourite Retro store in town when I came across a full 6 piece table setting in the Topaz pattern.  It had never been used - an unwanted wedding gift in the 1960's put away in a cupboard and forgotten about.

I've since added oval platters, gravy boat, milk pourer and sugar pot to go with the cup and saucers and a large jug.


Topaz jug

After spotting the Crown Lynn Nova pattern in a local op shop I have started adding this to my collection too.  I love this white and brown daisy design.


Nova saucers with the Tulip cups

I have cups and saucers with the Melody pattern too.  The colours are amazing. 


I've picked up other Crown Lynn bits and pieces at garage sales and fairs (coffee cups and saucers, salt pot), there always seems to be Crown Lynn treasures in some form around.

I am however happy with what I have now - as Mr H pointed out we have about 30 dinner plates!  I'm going to gift some to my sister in law who also shares my obsession.  I also think I could host some sort of tea and cake morning with the amount of cups and saucers I have!  Then theres the teapots but that is a whole other post...............

On my wishlist is a Crown Lynn Swan.  I remember my Aunty had one of these.  From memory she displayed silk flowers in hers.

I'm hoping Santa will bring me one for Christmas - I know for sure I've been good this year!

What do you enjoy collecting?

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  1. Hello! Thanks for visiting my little blog! I'm new to blogging too, you'll have fun! What a great place to raise your children! Ada :)

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog Ada. I love your blog! I have a growing pile of vintage sheets so I will need to get some inspiration from you as what to do with them. Have a lovely week!

  2. I LOVE your crown lynn stash. I've busted one of my topaz cups...should you ever find one on your travels, reckon you could grab it for me? I'm sure enough bubble wrap would get it here safely. I can't find one anywhere! (the saucer is so lonely without it ;) )


    1. Of course! I will keep an eye out for you xo

  3. I am collecting Royal Doulton - Bunnykin bowls. I have my mums bowl from when she was a kid so I have slowly been adding to the collection.

  4. I really like the lovely patterns..the nova one is my favorite!
    Do post your teapots..I would love to see them :)
    Here is hoping Santa will bring you that pretty swan you want..I am sure you are on his 'good' list ;)
    Magie x

    1. Hi Maggie, Nova is probably my favourite now too! Will definately do a tea pot post ;-)

  5. Love that Nova! And I've never seen the melody pattern - that's awesome! thanks for linking it! Looks like you got your swan prior to this post - you must have been good!!


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