Friday, 7 September 2012

10 Things about me

This is me with our youngest George in the Vineyard.

Photo by Leigh Rutherford at Lovely Snapshot.

Here are 10 things about me - which should also give you a teeny insight into what will fill my blog.

Things I like and love.  Things I do, collect and day dream about. Favourite things.....................

What are yours?

  • I am a stay at home mum to three.  12 year old Bell, 3.5 year old Tom and wee George who is 18 months.
  • My love of travel has seen me travel to Australia, Fiji, Rarotonga, Bali (one of my favourite places in the world), Hong Kong, Thailand, South Korea, America, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Belgium, Germany, Turkey, England, Ireland and Wales.
  • I have lived and worked in London.  I just love this city.  It's where I met Mr H - it holds so many fond memories for me.  Bell did her first few years of schooling there too.  I still miss it, especially the lovely friends I made there.
  • I'm a reluctant cook!  Mr H is amazing in the kitchen.  I have learnt alot from him.  I cook because I have to - ha!  Not because I want to.  I need to find some good cookbooks. I'm impatient by nature so it needs to be something quick and easy.
  • I do enjoy baking though - I tend to double (sometimes even triple) any butter in receipes. I make mean vegemite scrolls due to the excessive amounts of butter I throw in.
  • Since having George I have developed an extremely sweet tooth!  Whittakers Caramel Chocolate is one of my favourite treats.
  • I love quiet - not always easy when you have a houseful, thats why I love being in the country.  On the rare occassion I am at home on my own I don't even play music.  It's just me and the birds!
  • I love being at home. Pottering around the house or outside in the garden (I've taken to this slowly).  I like things to be tidy - not easy with messy toddlers in the house.  I'm always organising things.  I like household systems and having a place for everything.  I have been known to vacuum inside the oven! I am however VERY good at letting it all go too.
  • I love Retro things - Crown Lynn crockery, chairs, linen, blankets and old suitcases.  I love trawling Trademe for goodies and popping into my favourite Retro shop in town to see what treasures are new in store.  Mr H is very patient with my hauls which appear in the house quite often.
  • I love Mr H and my family.  I have 3 sisters and two brothers - 3 of whom live nearby.  I have 4 neices and 1 nephew.  And a very close sister in law who I love spending time with.  She is an amazing cook, baker and crafter - I'm hoping that lots of her talents will rub off on me.
Thats a start I think - you will learn more as I blog I'm sure............................ Elaina

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