Wednesday, 12 September 2012


This is Tom with our Jack Russell pup Charlie who is now 5 months old.

I thought it would be great that now we are in the country the kids could have a puppy.
I wondered to begin with what on earth was I thinking.  With 3 kiddies it feels crazy enough somedays without adding a naughty puppy to the mix.  We had a love hate relationship to begin with as he seemed to like peeing and pooing inside and never outside!
He is starting to grow on me now though.  As it is still cold at night he sleeps in the laundry but is free range outside during the day which is exactly how I hoped it would be.
He is Tom's best mate.  I love seeing the both of them running around outside together.  Charlie loves his walks in the vineyard and chasing the rabbits if he can spot them.
He is (now) a lovely addition to our family.


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