Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Our Favourite Beach

Now the warmer weather is approaching I'm really excited about summer!

Below is a photo of our favourite beach, which is a short drive from where we live.

We spend alot of time here in the warmer weather and often pack up a picnic meal or grab fish n chips on the way and have our dinner there in the evenings.

This photo was taken in the morning and there was'nt a soul on the beach.  I love that our beaches are'nt crowded and we can often be the only ones there.

A few months ago we had some photos of the kids taken on "our" beach.  They turned out great as the kids just ran around and played so the shots are really natural.

Here are a few of my favourite pics - photos by Leigh Rutherford from Lovely Snapshot.

Do you have a favourite family spot that you like to go?

Roll on summer!


  1. Gorgeous - you're making me homesick! I'll have to take a picture of our new favourite beach...I was out there today, but forgot the camera. Oh well, just an excuse to head out there again tomorrow :) xx

  2. Really lovely photo's, it sure looks like your children had a fun time at the seaside :) It must of been so nice to have the beach to yourselves..whenever I have been it is always crowded (perhaps I am not up early enough :P).
    Thanks for following my blog..I am your newest follower :)
    Magie x

  3. Welcome to my blog Magie and thank you for commenting. We are really lucky here with our beaches. It is a very popular Summer holiday destination, but even then it's not crowded. I remember going to Brighton in summer when I lived in the UK - you could'nt see the sand for all of the bodies. I loved Devon - Hope Cove was a favourite :-)


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