Thursday, 20 September 2012

Early mornings

Most mornings in our house are early ones.  Are they in yours?

With Bell getting ready for school and two young boys in the house we don't get the luxury of a sleep in!

Mr H often leaves before we rise.  When we do get up it's always curtains pulled back to see what sort of day we have ahead of us.

And as you can see - it's going to be a lovely day.

Pot of tea on and porridge on the stove - looking forward to a lovely day.

No playcentre, swimming or errands for us today - thinking it may be a visiting day.

What sort of day do you have planned?


  1. Early Mornings here as well. At the moment my little one is just 6 it is up every 4 hours at night then an early start in the morning. I am thinking the old days of the odd lay in, in the morning are long and gone now (for awhile :P).
    A pot of tea and warm porridge sounds perfect. It is defiantly warm porridge kind of weather here at the moment,
    Have a fun day! I don't have much planned, other then a 6 week doctors appointment for my little one and me (not the most exciting :P haha)..
    Take care
    Magie x

  2. Hope your doctors appointment went well - 6 week jabs? It's not nice for them at all. Cosy day in with lots of cuddles for the rest of you day I think! Take care Elaina xo


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