Thursday, 3 October 2013

All that is beautiful and a link magazine

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A few days ago Elizabeth from the blog All that is beautiful let me know that my post Kids live here had been included in the October issue of The Beast which is a very cool link magazine.

Each month Elizabeth pulls together a selection of posts from blogging land and beyond and shows them off in a Link Style magazine.

I'm chuffed to be included, I'm featured with some pretty awesome company.  So take a look and enjoy!  There is a lot of great, inspiring and fun reads.  It may just lead you to a wonderful blog you haven't yet discovered.

Take a good peek around All that is beautiful too.  Elizabeth in one very beautiful lady who I think makes for a pretty amazing role model for women everywhere and that needs to be celebrated don't you think?!  So thank you Elizabeth xo
Click here to view Octobers issue of The Beast - a link magazine.


  1. Awesome! I even remembered that post you referred to without even having to click on it, I enjoyed reading it.

  2. Oh congrats! I'm off to check out blog & mag now :-)

  3. OH sweet sweet lady!!! Congrats to you!!! I happen to just love that post as well! I will be popping on over! Have a wonderful weekend!!! Nicole

  4. Oh I have no words. I am just incredibly grateful to you and your gorgeous heart. Thank you so, so much.


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