Tuesday, 1 October 2013

School holidays are here

We are into the first week of school holidays here in New Zealand.  A two week break before the final term of the year.  Term four!  I can't believe how quickly it has come around.
It will be busy.  Swimming lessons will start again for us, and Bell has put her name down for a second dance class.  And the countdown to Christmas and the all important summer holidays.
For now though we are enjoying our break.  We had a slow school holiday last term but this time we plan on keeping busy with days out, catching up with friends and spending as much time outside as possible.
After dropping Bell and a friend in town to go to the movies today, the boys and I visited the Botanic Gardens.  While they ran about I checked out the gardens.  Everything is looking so lush and green.  My thumbs, I think, are starting to turn green.  Dare I say it!
After a quick lunch in town, we headed back home for some time in the garden before driving back in again to pick up two very giggly girls and returning back home again.  I can not believe how much they can TALK, constantly.  I wonder if I was like that?
 Are you on school holidays where you are?  What are your plans?  What keeps your children occupied and happy?
P.S. Bell and Tom were fighting about an hour into the start of the school holidays.  Combine this with the house being turned upside down due to Mr H and I painting the rooms.  Why I decided to start in the school holidays, I will never know?!


  1. It seems so funny that you are looking towards summer holidays and here it is getting colder and damper and we are looking towards winter! It will be nice seeing your summer though in our winter. Hope that you are having a great school holiday - the pictures look as though you are!

  2. The boys certainly look like they are having fun! :) x

  3. It's lovely to be out and about now that the weather is warming up for you. Your boys look very happy in your photos! Here, we'll have a week long break at the end of October then two weeks for Christmas. This autumn school term is always the longest and busiest. x

  4. Looks fun and gorgeous setting! Girls and talking - seriously... i have 3 and they are all age 5 and under and the talking... oh man... sometimes I think i need to get some noise-cancelling earmuffs! and when it's not talking to each other it's to themselves! imagine 3 independent out loud conversations! We are mostly chilling and baking so far. next week is crafting and movies :)


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