Monday, 21 October 2013


Phew!  What a weekend.  It was full, busy, fun and sunny  Just how we like it.
The annual A&P show came to town, it's a bit of a highlight here.  And most conversations the week of the show go like this - "so, are you going to the show?"
We always go early, and leave before it gets too manic.  We managed a 3 hour stay with the boys, which was plenty.  A few rides, yummy food, animal farm, tractor gazing, side show looking......
Bell went with friends this year, we saw her briefly in the crowd.  The weather held out.  No gumboots required again this year.

We went to a family BBQ at my brothers.  Lots of wine and good food.  Love watching them all running around together like lunatics.  Tom had an impromptu sleepover too.
Feeling sorry for himself here.....

Sunday walks after breakfast in the vineyard are a favourite around here.  We usually venture in after a big cooked breakfast.  The plan is to walk off all that bacon (and toast) and give the kids and pooch a blast of fresh air.  We just had Georgie with us on this walk.  Bell was sleeping off spending 7 hours at the show, she was exhausted.  Tom was at the sleepover still.  The flu was brewing in George, hence the need to be carried and have lots of stops to sit in the grass.........this never happens.  He usually runs the entire way.  He seems to be getting everything at the moment.

I spent Sunday afternoon in the garden.  Planted up strawberries in one of the raised planters.  Will fill the other one too I think.  We eat a lot of strawberries come Summer.  Should save us a fortune!

New plantings in the fairy garden.  Miniature horses have taken over.  The pebbles and coloured stone pathways have long gone - little hands and all that.

My SNL Em, bought me these retro tablecloths from the markets.  They won't be going in the Travelling Linen Stash swap though but  I found some other great things over the last couple of weeks to add in, lots of souvenir tablecloths among them.

How pretty is this?!  Bell bought one for each of us at the show.  Chuffed she doesn't mind us wearing the same thing.

How was your weekend?
Have a great week!


  1. Hi Elaina, l enjoyed visiting your part of the world ..... it looks so green over there in NZ. Love the fairy garden l've got plans to attempt one of those this Summer!

  2. So much fun! all in one weekend! looks great and that fairy garden... every time i see a photo of it i want it!

  3. Such a wonderful busy, fun weekend! Love the idea of curling up in a tractor tire for a photograph. So cute how the fairy garden gets make overs. Hope your week ahead is as good as your weekend was. xx

  4. How fab! I know my kids would love that. The fairy garden is brilliant!

  5. What a cute little fairy garden. I have a little door in my garden, that hopefully leads to fairy land!

  6. That looks like the nicest weekend. A happy mixture of fresh air and family time. I cant get over those vineyards - it's so beautiful where you live. x

  7. I love seeing what's been happening over your way. Your show visit looked like fun and your afternoon pottering in the garden sounded lovely. Your fairy garden still looks so sweet :) Our weekend was a combination of our typical Saturday morning market stop for fruit and vegies, an afternoon of op shop trawling with my big girl, dinner out, Sunday morning brekky at our usual cafe and a day spent pottering (cooking for me for Sophie's birthday party yesterday). Wishing you a beautiful week ahead. P.S Your comment on my latest 52 project photo was the sweetest comment ever... brought a tear to my eye as I'm such a novice photographer :)


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