Wednesday, 16 October 2013


 Today I...........
Started the day with a large mug of sweet tea, boiled eggs and asparagus.  I'm trying to cut a little more bread out of my diet.  I eat way too much bread.
Packed Tom's kindy bag, George's nappy bag, my sewing machine and tote.
Took Tom to kindy then drove into town to drop George at my SNL's Em's house.  As soon as we pull into the driveway he starts clapping and kicking his feet.  He can't get out of the car quick enough.  He loves it there.
Went to my Wednesday morning sewing lesson with Fiona from More than Fabric.  I couldn't wait to go.  It is now going to be a weekly "Wednesday thing".  A couple of hours of sewing, chatting and cups of tea.
Met up with Em, my niece and George for coffee and cake (us mums) and fluffies and curly fries for the little ones.  Delicious!
Zipped home for a bit of housework before picking Tom up from kindy and heading back home again.
Spent time outside with the kids before meal prep and the start of dinner, bath and our night time routine.

The kids went to bed early (ish).
A late dinner for Mr H and I, before settling in for a movie.
Besides the weekend, Wednesday is fast becoming my very favourite day of the week.  Wednesdays feel like a bit of a treat, a nice break in the middle of a busy week.  A day where I race out of the house in the morning leaving beds unmade and breakfast dishes in the sink.
A break from the norm.  And I like that.
 What did you get up to today?  What is your favourite day of the week?



  1. I needed a day like this today! Look at all of that fabric! I would have left with a giant shopping bag under my arm :) Unfortunately I'm not a fan of Wednesdays... It's the day before I have to go to work :( My day/night is Tuesday nights. I sit in front of the telly once Sunny has gone to bed and knit my little heart out. Enjoy your movie night...

    Sophie xo

  2. What a busy day! Your breakfast sounds delicious. I eat way too much bread too.

  3. Sounds as though you have had a busy, but interesting and fulfilling day. Love the fabric shop, what lovely things they have, and it looks like a great place to have sewing lessons. Today I spent the day at my house (!), Basildon Park, it was quite quiet, but some more conservation work going on and lovely to be there as always, dinner is oven baked mushroom risotto and then a tv catch up with hubby! Glad that you enjoyed your day. Thank you for sharing!! Hope the rest of your week is just as good. xx

  4. A break from the norm is so lovely! Sounds like a great day for everyone. Hope you're still enjoying your lessons :) the sight of fabric makes me weak at the knees...

  5. Your day sounds amazing! The weather has been awful here so I've been hiding at home, though I did venture out today for the first time this week to go to my SILs for lunch. It was lovely!

  6. Your day sounds fantastic!! You have inspired me to research lessons in my area!! It looks like such a magical place!!! And I hear you about the bread! Ha...I need to cut some out too! Keep rocking it friend!!!

  7. I can see why Wednesdays are your favourite day.
    Wednesdays and Fridays are favourite days of mine at the moment. These two days I seem to get more sewing done and take more photos too. x

  8. What a wonderful-sounding day!
    I love the CK cowboys bag. :-)

  9. I really enjoyed this post. I know exactly what you mean, you need something just for "you" when I suspect almost everything else you do is for someone else. Love the look of your asparagus and boiled eggs, yum. xx


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