Friday, 11 October 2013

This week

My favourite tree is starting to get it's green leaves again, this gives us lots of awesome shade over the summer months.  This to me signals the start of summer.......can you see the rainbow just behind?  Look closely.

I've planted lavender along the front of the house.  This is a beautifully perfumed variety.  Looking forward to this growing higher and fuller so we can hopefully smell it when tucked up in bed at night with the windows open to catch the summer breezes.


I found some great tablecloths this week at one of the op shops in town - the faded yellow one will be great to use outside and the other two will be added to the box for The Travelling Linen Stash.  Keen to join in?  Take a look here to see how you can swap along.

My material stash of retro sheets.  After my first sewing and quilting lesson I'm so excited to start using my material.  I get my quilting kit next week so will be able to start cutting out my squares.

Thank you Bella from the blog Sea and Salt.  I won this beautiful book in one of Bella's giveaways.  I don't know very much about the Raw Food movement but am loving some of the smoothie recipes in here.  Lots of delicious summer time meal ideas in here too.

I love wooden toys!  These are our latest additions.  Bought from the Playcentre shop in town.  The boys are loving the play fruit and veg. much as I love wooden toys it does not mean the boys will too.  Their favourites are anything to do with Thomas the Tank Engine, cars and trucks and Disney Pixar Cars..........none of it wooden........of course.

Mr H has done good and supplied the boys with another ramp after I finally killed (I had also slightly split it when "walking the plank") the other one by tripping out the front door and landing on it.......CRACK!  I shall stay far away from this one.

And for us here we are back to kindy and school next week.  Two weeks holiday has gone quickly.  The first week was great, we were busy and the weather was wonderful.  The second week the kids are really tired and I lack the energy that I had last week.  We have taken things a little slower these last few days.  We also have had tummy bugs lurking.  Today being the worst day for wee Georgie.  I'm wondering if Tom will have another bout as looking at him tonight his cheeks are very red, not a good sign.  Fingers crossed for Bell and for the weekend.  We are meant to be painting (it was too warm and sunny to be indoors last weekend) but we will see how we go.

Term 4 we are ready for you (as long as the bugs stay away)!

Got anything great planned for the weekend?
Have a fun and relaxing one!

"I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful matter how simple it is."

Joining in here and here with Em.



  1. Your garden is looking great, so funny to see things just beginning their growing year as things here are just ending theirs. Hope you enjoy your new fabric purchases!

  2. Well done on the giveaway win, that book looks to be a goodie. That ramp looks fairly sturdy, the children should be able to clock up a few hours of fun over the summer on that thing. Your garden is so neat, do you want to come and sort mine out?

  3. Once you have your cutting mat and rotary cutter there'll be no stopping the quilting.
    The vintage linens are lovely. I just put my name down for the travelling linen send-it-forward group. x

  4. The bright lime green of spring always looks spectacular doesn't it!

  5. I hope everyone stays healthy there. I love the vintage tableclothes and sheets, so pretty!

  6. Lovely images of springtime just arriving!

  7. Hi Elaina!

    I thought I would pop over as I have joined in with TIL this week, I don't always get to do this so it fun to catch up on who is celebrating too.

    Ah your pics are so gorgeous, and spring is just the best isn't it? Over here we are heading into autumn and the coolness it brings is soothing but I know what is on the horizon! Brr, thankfully we are home for Christmas and warmth for three weeks :)

    Wooden toys are my fave too... Although there is not much here in Korea!

    Happy weekend

  8. Love the tablecloths!! and that lavender is going to smell amazing!!

  9. Those toys and linens and Hope everyone is feeling better and the bugs have gone and stay away! Have a happy week x

  10. Love that linen stash! I do like the sound of the travelling box
    Loving the garden also - isn't it a wonderful time of the year

    Thanks for joining in

  11. Love that big tree, I imagine beautiful shade for summer.


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