Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Around here

All photos taken by Mr H.

I can feel it.  Can you?  I feel autumn all around me............taking time to stop and feel the changes around us.

The first week of our school holidays has flown by.  I feel like we have done so much yet my "to do list" still looks very full.  My vege garden is still full of weeds.........

I'm adjusting to the extra workload with having Maybell and Kevin around.  Extra mouths to feed and I'm always on poo patrol.  I keep having visions of someone stepping in something yuck and walking it through the house.  I have been bathing them too, as there have been some "unearthly" smells coming from the pooches coats after rolling in something foul.  Even with all of that going on they are such a pleasure to have around.  The boys are outside even more now, so they can run around with Maybell and Kevin, often well past sunset.

Last week we had swimming lessons, sleepovers and outings.  I did another overhaul in the playroom, this time being ruthless.  Alot of the plastic toys have made their way to the op shop and broken toys (quietly) into the bin.

This week feels a little slower.  My mum looked after the boys this morning so I could pop into town for a hair appointment and pedicure, bliss.

One constant over the last week or so has been our morning and often afternoon walks.  We go next door into the vineyard.  I'm a night owl so am not my best in the morning.  Mr H has been hauling me out of bed to join the kids and pooches for an early morning walk.  It works wonders, fresh air is SO GOOD for the soul.

Week two of our school holidays is well under way now.  Then term two and with it the colder weather.  I'm ready for it.  Looking forward to hibernating a little.

Wishing you a wonderful week x


  1. Hibernating is so good! Though I love my garden I love that warm comfort that can only come along with autumn. So glad you got a chance to get away for a quick bit! Moms are so great!!! And I too am a night owl and my hubs is the morning guy. Loving these pictures lady! The scenery that surrounds you is out of this world! Enjoy the rest of break with your crew!

  2. Enjoy the rest of your holidays Elaina! Sadly ours have come to an end this week and I miss them dearly! I have pedicure envy - I am in desperate need of one... Mr H has a creative eye. I love the pictures he's taken esp the last one.

    Sophie xo

  3. What amazing motivation to walk - with scenery like that!! Beautiful x

  4. One word....space, that's sums up you images today, wow so much space! :) x

  5. Gorgeous photos! What beautiful walks you must have, right on your doorstep! :-)

  6. wow mr H is handy with a camera. just gorgeous....walks at dawn save me.(when I get to do them alone that is!) x

  7. Super photos! Spring is just arriving here - it's really lovely to see some Autumnal shots x

  8. Your mister is rather handy with the camera, and it's nice to see some photos of you! I love preparing for autumn and that feeling of cosiness. x

  9. Lovely photos, everything looks so green, it's amazing how quickly nature can recover from drought! Enjoy the last few days of the holidays. x

  10. Such beautiful photos. The area you live in just looks gorgeous.

  11. Term 2 starts here tomorrow too after two weeks worth of holidays. What gorgeous scenery in your photos above, you're so lucky to live next to such a magnificent spot for morning and afternoon walks. I'm hoping to start morning walks (by myself) soon... I'm hoping that a quick walk in the fresh air to start off the day will be the perfect way to start my days too :)


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