Friday, 26 April 2013

Things I'm friendship

One of the big surprises about blogging has been the meeting of like minded souls through other blogs.  Other amazing ladies who "get you".  Who understand your need to have so many cups and saucers, enough even to host a WI morning tea, to collect things that you remember seeing at your Gran's house, that made you cringe back in the day but now make your heart flutter and knees go weak when you spot them in an op shop.

About 18 months ago I started reading a friends blog ( I had never heard of them until then)  and after a few months I added another three or so to the list.  Then when we moved out to the country I thought it might be a fun idea to start one.  And about 7 months ago I did just that.

I had no idea how much I would love it.  Love the comments, help and advice from many who I now consider "friends".  Finding ideas and inspiration when you feel like you have none.  And then when you scout around a bit, you find other blogs.  Blogs that when you read them you could be reading about yourself!

Blog friendship is new to me but I love it.

This week I received the most amazing parcel.  It's always a treat to open the letterbox and find a parcel (not a bill) addressed to you.

Allison from the blog Just Underneath sent me all of the treasures above,  wrapped up in a tea towel with string.  Inside the bundle and carefully wrapped up (in washi tape might I add!) was a beautiful vase, which will be displayed in the granny cabinet, two lovely doilies and the most amazing retro apron I have ever see, the colours are a knock out and even better still it fits!  She has obviously read my post on retro aprons, so has cottoned on to the fact that I love them.

If you pop over to Allison's blog you will see that this lady has a "knack" when it comes to op shopping, she finds the most amazing treasure.  Wait till you see all of the retro Johnson ware!  You get to see glimpses of her two gorgeous kids and corners of her home which are filled with op shopped finds.

So a big, big thank you Allison, you so made my week!

And if I'm ever in NSW, we will have to meet up for coffee and a treasure hunt!  xo

Happy weekending!

"I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful matter how simple it is."

Joining in here



  1. How wonderful is this! Just so awesome...made me smile! My husband always chuckles when I call you all my friends but you are so is friendship of like minded people! What a beautiful will look fantastic in the granny cabinet and the apron is perfect!

  2. Lovely lovely lovely :) So disappointed I missed you when I was up last weekend, such a fleeting visit. I miss you guys! x

  3. It is funny how we end up loving the very things that we previously disliked. I now love that green/orange combination just like your little doily and remember hating that particular colour combo when I was a child! Blog friends are very special.

  4. It is such a lovely feeling knowing that our vintage loving and collecting ways are appreciated by like-minded bloggers.
    These gifts are so you. Allison is lovely.

  5. The connections we make are just brill aren't they, such generosity! Lovely parcel there, love that little apron! :) x

  6. Oh that Allison is a true gem isn't she? The gifts she has chosen are so very suited to you as well, that apron is spectacular. mel x

  7. Yes, blog friendships are the best, and the easiest! It's like you've known them for years. What z wonderful heart Alison has, and a wonderful, and deserved package for you.
    Happy weekend to you. I still haven't found any feijoas!

  8. What a lovely special gift from your friend. I am constantly blown away by the amazing friendships I have developed through blogging which is why being able to attend the conference a couple of weeks ago was so special! Have a very happy weekend xx

  9. What a happy parcel! Happy weekend to you Elaina! I too love this blogging thing :-)

  10. What lovely gifts. They look perfect for you

  11. Love my blog friends. That is such a gorgeous parcel! Mel x

  12. ooh, I love and collect vintage aprons too! Thing is, I only wear one of them - they're almost too precious to use. Kinda silly isn't it! The friendships and support I've found in this blogging community is such a wonderful thing. Allison is a kind soul. What a sweet, thoughtful surprise! Belinda x

  13. What a lovely parcel! Reading your first paragraph above, I feel like you're describing me :) And the inspiration and feeling of finding a 'like-minded soul' is the exact feeling I get when reading through your blog posts. It's nice to find women with similar interests, values and outlooks on life xx


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