Monday, 22 April 2013

School holidays, mushrooms and Maybell

It is the first day of school holidays here in New Zealand. I love the term break, even more so when everyone behaves! We have swimming each morning this week which will be a good motivator for getting everyone up and out of the house each morning.

And the rain has come, the damp conditions I think have been a factor in the arrival of the vast amount of mushrooms which are growing in the back yard. I need to do some research to see if they are edible.....will test them out on Mr H first.

We don't have any huge plans for the coming 2 weeks. Friends over to play, baking with the kids and some craft are on my list as is the need to get into the garden. My very overgrown vege garden needs weeding and planting up. Now that the much needed rain has arrived - the timing is perfect.

Most exciting of all around here is the arrival of Maybell. Mr H and Bell travelled south on Sunday to pick her up. She is a farm dog who has no interest in sheep or cattle so they could'nt keep her. She has the loveliest nature and is lapping up all of the attention with the added bonus of being allowed to sleep in the laundry. She was a working dog, so she is in heaven with all the fuss we are making of her.

Have you had or are you in the midst of school holidays? What are your plans? Any great holiday fun suggestions?

Do you have a vege garden? What are you planting?


  1. holidays!!!!!
    Oh Maybell...that is such a GREAT name for a dog. She looks very loved already.
    I read NZ is having some wild weather and flooding - stay safe.

  2. Poor Mr H! ;-)
    Maybell looks like a lovely dog - it's great to know that she could go to a loving home since farm life doesn't suit her :-)

    Enjoy the holidays!
    Sarah xx

  3. Hi Elaina, thanks for my print it arrived today :)
    We had a lot of rain here too, so yesterday was spent jumping in the muddy puddles - or muddy lakes by the afternoon!
    We have mushrooms growing too and my mum reckons they are edible - 'Mothers' Knowledge', lol

  4. I hope you all have a fantastic break! Maybel is too perfect...and how wonderful that she gets a great home and your kids get a sweet dog! Score! I will be interested to hear about the mushrooms!!!! My sis grows them in her basement and boy are they wonderful! All the best Elaina!

  5. We've just had school hols here in Qld, the kids went back to school last week. This week it's ANZAC Day on Thursday. We had lots of mushrooms/toadstools spring up here too when the dry spell broke but they were highly poisonous even though they were a similar colour to the edible ones. It pays to err on the side of caution with them. Enjoy the hols!

  6. How lovely, the children break up and Maybell arrives, you can all get to know one another! You'll have a lovely holiday! :) x

  7. Welcome to the new farm dog come house dog. Hope she settles in well.
    All your school holiday activities sound lovely.

  8. Enjoy the break with the kiddies and hopefully Maybell settles in well for you! Looks like there's plenty of love to go around for her :) We're half way through the holidays at our place and I still have a mountain of things to get through! Things don't stop ad stand still here... Although I wish they did some days...

    Sophie xo

  9. Maybell looks like she will be well loved.

    I don't think I'd be game to try the mushrooms.

    Enjoy the school holiday break!

  10. school hols here too...errg!...week 2 blues!...but granny is coming to kidsit while I go do some huffin and puffin at the gym....I`ll do anything for some me time!! x
    maybells a cutie all right! x

  11. oh there she is, is she kevin's sister? lovely! Yes we are in the middle of garden renovations (more to come on my blog) and veggie planting is top of the list! It's taken 4 years to clear and prepare the ground! Last year we managed strawberries and potatoes ...this year we are going for it!


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