Sunday, 7 April 2013

A weekend



It feels like Autumn has well and truly arrived.  We have had rain, hurray!  And plenty of it.  Gumboots (Wellies) have been required.  Warm jumpers needed.

Tom and I picked a few of the yellow roses that seem to flower all year round. We are starting to see the reds and oranges of Autumn peeking through the trees.

We even lit our first fire for the year.  Albeit twice, due to a funny smell.  Once we had found the offending item - a plastic pen posted through the fire grates - it was restarted and enjoyed once more.

Walks in the rain were a must for two little boys who needed to burn off some energy.  Movies were watched and once the rain had stopped and the sun shone a little, we played outside.  The boys ran about madely and played (as always) in the dirt and the strip of soil by the driveway where our grass refuses to grow.  We are hoping to remedy that with another layer of grass seed now the rain has arrived.

Bell had her "bestie" over for a sleepover and then went for another sleepover at said "besties" the next day.  Such a social butterfly!

While the boys were occupied I did some more tidying and sorting.  Cleaning and clearing for the cooler months, does anyone else do this?  More books were read.  A new reading nook was made.

A Sunday roast...........

More walks in the vineyard.  Its quiet again now the grapes have been picked.  I noticed wire has been put up around the sweet corn which means the sheep must be coming.  They graze in the vineyard over the winter months to keep the grass down.  We play and walk in the vineyard alot more over autumn and winter as there is less activity going on, so we are less likely to get run over by quad bikes or tractors!

We have done a full year by the vineyard - seen it in all seasons.  It is so interesting to observe all of its happenings from our side of the fence.  So much work goes into that delicious bottle of wine you are drinking!

Have you had a good weekend in your part of the world?

Wishing you a wonderful week!


  1. A lovely collection of photos and moments! Those roses are gorgeous, do they have a scent? We have a yellow rose with the most delightful scent, but unfortunately it doesn't flower too often.

    Happy Sunday!
    Sarah x

  2. Looks like our kind of weekend, lovely pics, so glad you've got some rain. We have been gathering firewood today, getting ready for winter as well, though we are probably a few weeks off our first fire, can't wait.

  3. Lucky you - looks lovely and cosy and love your reading corner! Still 30 degrees here, can't wait for a change in season!

  4. Your roses are so beautiful! And the sweet corn fields look gorgeous too. The netting is just coming off the vines around here so we must be just a bit behind you in the seasons. Rain? Still not a drop here and I had to pay for water to be delivered the other day as the tanks were completely empty. Enjoy your evening! Mel x

  5. so pleased the rain has finally found you.....jumping in muddy puddles is a fave pastime around here too...mmmm that roast looks good! x

  6. You as well friend!!! Those shots are just wonderful! Your roses are stunning and the fire looks so warm and cozy! Of course your boys are a joy to see! They look like they are having so much fun playing together! Cheers to your autumn in the country!!!!!

  7. Lovely photos, they just say autumn. Your fire and book nook and chair all looks so cosy and inviting, perfect prep for the colder months ahead. x

  8. It's so nice and green where you are.
    Lovely photos. x

  9. So beautiful and filled with Autumn moments. I am so appreciating the cooler weather at the moment- I love layers, apples, the heater (!), roasts and soups and stews.... such a beautiful season. Thanks for joining in to 'the little things'. xx m.

  10. The fireplace looks cosy. I love a roast dinner, too - yum!


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