Friday, 3 May 2013

Things I'm loving.........eight little things


Inspired by Tania.  Eight little things....................

  1. A fairy garden in the making.
  2. Colour - with everything turning autumnal colours of orange, red and brown it's nice to still have pops of colour.
  3. We dusted off the art box.  Treasure galore.  We need to do this more often.
  4. A visit to the hairdresser for me......I've joined the fringe club.
  5. Painted toes,  love this colour.  They are going to be hidden away in socks soon.  My toes are starting to feel the cold this week.
  6. The winter blankets are coming out.
  7. An op shopped wicker basket with the coolest lining.  Perfect for my favourite magazines.
  8. A new cookbook by Nici Wickes.  She came to our town this week to do a cooking demonstration.  Mr H bought us tickets to see her.  She is even better in real life!  I was a bit star struck when I got her to sign my book.  Just as well Mr H was with me.  I just stood there and giggled......and mostly likely went red!
Doing anything special this weekend?  Term 2 starts for us on Monday.  I'm ready.........I think?!

Happy weekending!

"I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful matter how simple it is."

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  1. I'm so glad you love Nici!! She was my stepmum for quite a long time (I still consider her to be), and I love her to death!! So great to know that everyone else loves her just as much, she's a super special lady x

  2. I love the hair!!! It looks awesome!! And your fairy house!!!!! AHHH ...I can't wait to see more! I am digging everything here! The blankets, the art box, and that you got to meet Nici and have her sign your book! Sounds like total awesomeness!!!

  3. So looking forward to Winter this year, here in Bris it feels like it's been Summer for 8 months. Loving that basket it's such a great shape - :-)

  4. I always love a bit of colour on my toes - reminds me when I look down on a bad day that all is not bad! And they look like some lovely warm blankets just in time for the cooler weather xx

  5. getting cool here as well. I love this time of year. what pretty flowers and your toes look hot (even if your feet feel cold!) x

  6. Oh the toe nails look great - mine are the same colour. The autumn leaves are fabulous around here and I am loving the woolen blankets too.
    Tomorrow I am going into the city (Melbourne) with hubby to see the Holywood costume exhibit and ACMI - should be good.

  7. Love the fringe! And the colourful toesies! :-)
    Happy Friday!

  8. Your little fairy house is so cute. I am on the lookout for something similar for our back yard.

  9. Love those painted toes :)
    What a lovely post

  10. Go the fringe, you look fantastic. I would love a fringe but alas does not work with curls. mel x

  11. I'm loving the colour of your cuppa. just as I like it..most people just pour in far too much milk. Why?

  12. What pretty potted colour. I'm off to Bunnings myself this afternoon to get some viola seedlings and vegetable seedlings. Love your toe nail polish colour too :) Also, seeing that magazine cover, I did a quick search and have been browsing the Good magazine website... I feel like I've just found the perfect magazine for me... all topics that I feel passionate about and that I would love to sit down and read about with a cup of tea in hand. Thank you so much for introducing me to it... am about to download a few past magazines. The latest issue on the top of your basket there looks great. Do you buy your magazines from a newsagent or do you have a subscription? I'm hoping there's a stockist here in Western Australia as there's something so much nicer about flicking through a 'real' magazine :)

    1. Hi Amanda, Good magazine have a website and you can also buy a magazine subscription. I buy mine in town from a book store. It is my favourite mag at the moment and one that suits me perfectly! I'm always after the perfect read and this is most definately it. I saw that you can download past copies but I too much prefer flicking through a "real" copy xo

  13. Your haircut looks lovely. I wish I could wear a fringe but my hair is too wavy. That basket is fabulous and I'm glad to see you drink your tea like I do, nice and strong! x

  14. Those pansies are so cheerful! xo m.


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